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Everyone goes through change, transformation, going through it for the better or worse. Be it physical or mental, that is the real showing of what makes someones character. Why not write about it?

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Short fun side fics · 3:16pm Aug 17th, 2015

It is no secret that when it comes to producing complete chapters for 'The Mirror Dance' that one might attribute my output to that of a sloth. Yes, I am slow. Partly because I am think tanking a bit as I go but also due to daily availability to produce it. For a fic like this with so many moving parts, I have to make sure I keep pacing comfortable while not trimming so much that the story feels shallow. Being my first fic, I am not so practiced at this.

At Bronycon, however, there were many writers panels that I attended and it gave me inspiration for a number of ideas that have helped me, and others that I would like to try. Most notable was the writing short one shot stories. These stories could be between 5k to 10k words and serve as a way to just have a little fun and try out some ideas, be short bits of backstory, or 'what if' scenarios. While these might slow down 'The Mirror Dance' a little, the fact they are not complete lengthy stories would make them take far less time than an equivalent word count chapter for my fic. If any of them become well received or popular, I might consider expanding on it after finishing 'The Mirror Dance'. Here is just a couple of ideas I had.

'Luna attempts to be social'- Luna has been back only a short while and her mentor, Basyrr, is encouraging her to get to know the castle staff. Funny awkward encounters with her Lunar Guards that appear from 'The Mirror Dance' and other staff make for a comedy background filler.

'Celestia is a vampire'- Going for a much darker twist, I wanted to try and see what happens when you take the wise 'goddess' that everypony looks up to and tear her down in a way that I don't think I have seen yet here. What if the very sun that she controls becomes poison to her, and the very ponies she watches over begin to look like food? She would be forced to live her life at night and hide away, her sister being the only one she could confide in. Would she be able to keep herself and adapt, or would she crumble and change into something else? What would it mean for all Equestria?

Well those are just a few ideas of mine to do on the side, but I have a few more I haven't listed since most of them would be side filler for this story and I'm not sure there is enough interest to really put more thought into just yet. Lemme know if you have any thoughts or ideas. Is there a character or scenario you like?

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