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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Today
    Pineapple on pizza is heresy

    Does anyone else agree? I find it to be heresy when someone puts pineapple on pizza.

    I feel like we need an epic pony story that deals with this conflict. Maybe, G5 happened in Equestria when somepony put pineapple on pizza which opened pandora's box?

    12 comments · 24 views
  • Tuesday
    Where would be the safest place in Equestria be?

    I'm thinking some random town in the middle of nowhere. Just stay away from Canterlot and Ponyville, get a simple job and marry some redneck pony, and you'll be fine. You will be able to avoid most of the crazy shenanigans that happen in the show. If you see the Mane Six, just run out of town for a while, then come back.

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  • Sunday
    G5 Human in Equestria

    I waited... and I waited... but nobody made this group. So, here's a G5 Human in Equestria group. Even thousands of years from now ponies cannot escape the loving touch of human hands.


    3 comments · 51 views
  • 1 week
    How heavy would a Pony be to lift?

    Let's take Rarity for example, an average sized pony. Could a human gentleman carry her up a staircase as a newly wedded bride? Or would said human need to be a buff tank to lift her?

    Now... if the pony is Princess Celestia.... forget about it. Too much cake for most men. The human lifting her would need to be someone like Eddie Hall to lift that big mama horse.

    23 comments · 110 views
  • 1 week
    So what am I good at in writing?

    I know, me... Bendy is not the best of writers out there. I often write really dumb stories with poor grammar, robotic dialogue, or whatever. Yet somehow, I managed to get a rather large following here on fimfiction even though I'm a trash writer.

    With all that said, what am I good at in my writing? I like to hear your point of view on the matter, my followers.

    19 comments · 91 views

Pony Names · 8:33am Aug 17th, 2015

Don't you think pony names are bit ridiculous?

If it's one thing for certain humans have better names than ponies.

Like, I don't want to be called Butter Twinkles or something.

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Or Sweet Cheeks.

Imagine if your name was Muffin Top.

There's an OC and a fic about a pony named Deepthroat Cockslut somewhere on here.

I hope you aren't actually the guy who wrote about Deepthroat Cockslut, or I am going to be soooo embarrassed. :twilightblush:

Some name sound like some of the things said in the south park girls club.

But i think my favorite mane 6 name is PInkie pie.

I can't stop imagining a Pie made of little fingers(pinkie) and thats pretty disturbing but awesome too.

Ok,i know,her full name is Pinkamina Diane Pie but i don't care.'Pinkie pie' is way better and quite laughable if you like dark humor.

Probably it's true only for English-speakers. Why? Most likely because there's no names of modern English origin (though there are some with Old English origin, see wikipedia).
Because in Japanese there's plenty of names like Flower Child (Hanako) or Male Falcon (Hayao); in Russian there are names like Saint Glory (Svyatoslav) or Faith (Vera); in Greek there are names like Human Protector (Alexander) or Life (Zoe). And Mao Zedong is Hair Swamp-East, if I'm not mistaken.

I don't want to be called Butter Twinkles or something.

How about Nyuuraku Shun (乳酪瞬)?
... and now I imagine Twilight Sparkle as some anime character named Yoi Hibana :twilightblush:

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