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22 year old Mexican music composer. Writes fanfics on the side. Part time Brony, recently discovered a love for anime (breaking my belief that I’d never fall down that hole...)

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    My last update on my stories was may 2016.
    It’s 2019.

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Life´s Symphony blog #1 · 1:59am Aug 17th, 2015

Hey guys!

So, Here´s a thing I tend to do with fics I´m writing, which consists in making a small "teaser" of sorts giving you a small part of the chapter I have already finished. The chapter is halfway through, so its probably not long before I release it.

Here´s the teaser.
Chapter 1
"Birthday surprise"
The bell rang in an almost glorious tone, announcing the end of a school day. Normally, little Octavia would normally have just passed it as a normal boring day of his life and would simply pick up his things slowly and wondering what she was going to do after finishing her homework; everything in it was far too easy for her, so she normally had most of the evening for herself.
Normally, a pony would use that time and go with friends. The big problem was that she didn't have somepony she could strictly call a 'friend'. She had ponies in her class she talked amiably with, but other than that she was the class' secluded and anti-social filly.
The thing was that that day was different. She had a big smiley grin on her face as she rapidly picked up his stuff and shove it into her saddlepack. She was first out of the class, earning a few confused glares from her classmates.
She was soon running through the streets of ponyville, waving at some ponies she knew rapidly and without stopping.
She finally reached her house, a small, one story building with a rather colorless design in comparison to the neighbors. The little filly stopped in front of the door, still smiling. This was gonna be the perfect day. Probably he'd be there... Maybe she'd finally get to meet him, or her mother would play a violin piece for her as birthday gift; Octavia couldn't understand why with such talent her mother refused to play more. In fact, she seemed even... Angry sometimes she asked her to play.
Well, she'd probably get her to play that day. It was Octavia's birthday after all.

What do you guys think?


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