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Collab with Rubyfire · 12:10am Aug 16th, 2015

Rubyfire and I are doing a KOTOR/SWTOR collab and would like to hear what you think of our characters and some advice on others to add.

Knights of the Old Republic

Darth Revan: Stone Edge
Bastila: Octavia
Canderous: Jet Stream
Jolee: The Doctor
Darth Malak: Night Shade
Mission: Bobs
Carth: Sourin
Juhani: Vinyl
Zaalbar: Iron Will
(Droids are still themselves)

Knight of the Old Republic 2
Exile: Moondancer
Darth Sion: Discord
Darth Nihilus: Sombra
Kreia/ Darth Traya: Queen Chrysalis
Atton: Comet Tail
Bao-Dur: Flash Sentry
Mical: Trenderhoof
Visas: Zecora
Mira: Colgate
Mandalore: Jet Stream
Atris: Rarity ( Cadance would be better)

Revan Novel will be included

Satele Shan: Melody
Smuggler: Star Storm
Jace Malcom: Big Mac
Ven Zallow: Alaric Beccon
Jedi Knight: Crimson Crown
Jedi Consular: Twilight
Trooper: Rumble
Vitiate: Death Strike
Malgus: Deceit
Killran: Cold Heart
Kira: Luna
Doc: Button Mash
Qyzen: Pipsqueak
Nadia: Fluttershy
Bounty Hunter: Rainbow Dash
Sith Inquisitor: Ishamael
Sith Warrior: Bloodhoof (not yet around, but one of my villains)
Vette: Pinkie Pie
Jesa: (whoever that mare in Rarity takes Manehatten is that steals Rarity’s designs)
Mako: Futtershy
Corso: Caramel
Ashara: Muad or Applejack
Risha: Applejack
Aric: Iron Shield
Malavai Quinn: Blueblood ( maybe)
Tarnis: Flim or Flam
Torian: Braeburn
Darth Revan: Stone Edge
Elara: Scootaloo
Var Suthra: Shining Armor
Khem Val: Tirek
Andronikus Revel:
Talos Drellik:
Lord Scourge:

What do you all think?

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Comments ( 5 )

:rainbowderp:...this is the most amazing idea in the history of ideas

3322824 we're already working on the first one. It'll just take time

3322838 Considering the size of each game, I expect it'll be a large series. I love all of these games, even KOTOR II, so I look forward to seeing what you guys do.

3323558 it well be fun too see what we can do

3323692 well I wish you the best of luck. May the Force be with you:pinkiehappy:

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