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"The Iron Horse" needs a 2nd Pre-Reader! · 9:11pm Aug 15th, 2015

Hello followers and favers of "The Iron Horse!" So, first off, the next chapter has been written and should go up tomorrow! That's the good news.

The bad news - well, not bad, just unfortunate for me - is that my editor/pre-reader GaPJaxie has become a lot busier lately. Formerly, he was able to turn around and give me some feedback in 24-48 hours when I showed him a new chapter. But with his work and such picking up, he leveled with me and told me it might be a week or two before he gets to review a chapter. He has helped me tremendously to improve my writing and I think, overall, his help has made the story better, so I told him that was fine. And it is. :pinkiesmile:

Buuut, that said, that could lead to less frequent updates, and I'd really like to keep up my schedule of one new chapter every two weeks. So, to keep up the quality and lighten the load and expectations off Jaxie, I'm now officially looking for a 2nd Editor/Pre-Reader. If you're interested in the job, read the description below of what I'm looking for and see if you fit the bill!

Wanted: Pre-Reader

This person will be help with mistakes and give feedback on the following areas:
1. Grammar & Typos - This is what you'll probably end up doing the least. I'm an English teacher and I'm pretty cautious about errors and I always read the story once or twice before submitting it for proofing. That said, nobody's perfect, and sometimes my brain is stupider than I think it is. I blame alcohol.:derpyderp1:
2. Style - One of the biggest things Jaxie helps me with is phrasing descriptions with more physicality. Basically, "Show, Don't Tell" is his motto. I'm actually going through the early chapters and trying to enrich them with more descriptions (but don't worry, there aren't any major changes, so nobody needs to re-read anything).
3. Plot & Character - Every so often, something may come up that's out of character or seems more nonsensical than I originally thought. That's when it helps to have someone pointing that stuff out.

I started working with Jaxie because he's insightful and a good writer. By that same token, you must have something written that I can look over to see if you've got the chops. Not only that, I need someone who can get a link to the story and get it reviewed pretty quickly. If you want to set a certain day/time to do so, that's fine. I can work with that. Otherwise, I'd like the turnaround between getting a chapter written and getting it proofed to be kept really short. A few days at the most.

What's in it for you? Well, if you enjoy the story, you'll get to be part of the process and your opinions may well influence some of the story. You'll also get to be privvy to some original stuff that doesn't make the final cut. Deleted scenes before they get deleted, as it were. Plus you'll get your name credited in the description of the story. Small return on that one, I know, but whaddya gonna do? Like I said, I'm a teacher, which means I can't afford to pay for this. :twilightblush:

If you're interested, PM me here on this site with a link to something you consider representative. I may or may not read the whole thing, depending on how much interest this generates.

See you soon, everyone! :heart:

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I wouldn't mind helping

Well, looks like you already got the help you need m8 :) Good luck man!

3322567 Not necessarily. I'm not just going to take the first one who requests it. I'll look over the others and make a pick.

3322082 3322059 Thank you both for volunteering. Do you have a representative work you'd care for me to peruse?

3322635 I have a few stories but the two I'd present are "my Name Is Floyd Damn You!" And "Stargate: Shangri-la," which I co-write.

"Ruby's Diary: The Prequel to Story of The Blanks"

I'll post a link later

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