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I'm a relatively mentally stable person with a penchant for high drama stories with attempts at high action pieces justaposed with some comedy, meaning that I like action, a good story and out of spa-

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This isn't even my fandom anymore · 5:57am Aug 14th, 2015

I haven't seen a single episode of this season, I have no desire to, nor any to write MLP fanfics or discuss any of them.


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It's sorta hard to shrug off this group. Even when all you do is just 'exist' in the fandom, and don't do jack sh*t.

Not knowing who you are is the greatest adventure you'll ever have.

eh........oh, so that's what happened to you....eh-ok. yeah, i havent been super excited to watch this season...although i did enjoy the 100 episode for what its worth...but things have been meh for a while now (especially this site....and my nazi zombies fic has been on hold for nearly 2 years now...i had a whole trilogy planned and everything...

Aww. And I was really hoping for an update to 'Miles: A Sequel to Rain'

I still read fics and watch episodes, but I think the reason I stay on this site is really because I know people here really well. So it's easier to talk to them in general than it would be almost anywhere else online. So even if I don't want to talk about ponies, I'll come to this site to talk about comics or video games or something.

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