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TEASER TIME! A Night With: Rainbow Dash 2 · 9:51am Aug 13th, 2015

Yeeeeeeaaaaaah... its a possibility my friends... this could happen, a lot... All I need... is your opinions on the matter of this particular idea I have tossing around in my head!

So what do you guys think?! :yay:

Do you rate it :rainbowkiss: which is Hecka yeah!.

Or :rainbowhuh: which is maybe.

or :facehoof: which is fuck naw.

Or finally :moustache: which is mustache

Also, some music for your pleasure and to listen to while you decide.

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Comments ( 37 )

:rainbowkiss:YES PLEASEEEEE!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

3316622 Someone's excited 8'D
hehehe, that's one vote yes :yay:

I vote :rainbowkiss: - Heck Yeah!


3317000 That's two! :D


Make that three!

But you know what happened in your birthday blog..

REMATCH. :pinkiecrazy:

3318453 Whooo!

Awww hell! :flutterrage: let's go son!
Can't get the gif thing to work right Dx


3318712 My men... :applecry:

The Angel of Death has arrived.. :pinkiecrazy:

You should have surrendered when you had the chance!


3318717 You... you killed Bob! :raritydespair:

Go get him Mobius One!

Mobius One: FOX TWO FOX TWO!



"Flares away, flares away."


Navy SEAL's coming into support!
(I love you bro.. But I either win or I die trying!)



In all seriousness though, I am having a bit of fun with this. And I hope your story'll come out soon! :D

You can't escape!
(Well... then I better prepare your grave)
(couldn't find any gifs)

Same here XD hehehe, and I hope it comes out soon as well.
We'll just have to wait and see D'x


3318950 Impressive.. But not enough.

See this? Three carriers. Seventy two fighter jets for each.. Along with Marines, SEAL's, attack and transport helos, anti aircraft, and nuclear submarines..


You fight well.. But not good enough.:rainbowdetermined2:


Time to send you and your friend a little message...


You might win some battles, but I'll win the war. :pinkiecrazy:

Did I ever tell you... the definition of insanity?


HAHAHAHAHA! That's what you think! :pinkiehappy:

3321087 :twilightangry2:
grrrrr, I guess I've lost... NOT!
Its a good thing I HAVE MY OWN FLEET!


3321189 Gentlemen.. We've fought long.. And we've fought hard.

But it's time to go to out final back up plan..

The Void.

The Void will activate once we escape through the supermassive black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy.. Leaving Dustchu's entire military to be vaporized and turned into particles of dark matter..

Along with every other thing that could possibly exist in the Observable Universe.

I'm so sorry.. But you leave me no choice.


The Universe.. Is dead.

You crazy son of a gun... you, destroyed the universe...

And that, is how the universe was destroyed in the fight for Rainbow Dash...
Of course no one will read this, because nothing exists anymore...
Not even this text...


3321265 Except... I escaped.

Black holes will lead to different multiverses..



3321906 I know, how do you think I'm still replying?



3322183 Wha.. How.. Son of a bitch..

You wanna know who my ancestors were?..

The Aztecs.

Wanna know what they used?


Time to face the music, Dustchu~


3322202 Magic~

And you know who mine were?

Time for you to face the typewriter, TLP. :moustache:


3322419 You have nothing compared to the Navy SEAL's.

"I'm about ready to punch-in that time card.."

You can not defeat these brave men. (I mean no disrespect to the brave SEAL's from Operation: Red Wings)

(On a different note, I see that you were playing 'The Last Stand'. Is it 'Union City'?)

You ever hear that saying, don't fear the dark, only what it brings?

"Well fear the unknown."
(Marines and Seals, both are epic!)

(Yeah I do play that xD how did you know?)


3323129 You and I both know I would not give up until I won.


I am willing to compromise.

My SEAL's found the Mirror Pool. I talked to Dashie, and here's what we got:


We both win. :rainbowkiss:

(I decided to take a second to look at the image, then I saw 'The Last Stand' on one of the tabs. It is an amazing game, but I prefer SAS Zombie Assault 3.)

Hmm... I accept this compromise. *Snags a Dashie and squees silently* I am appeased. You may disperse my army!
I like winning.

(Ooohoho, oh yeah I love that game. All of them, from the first to Dead Zone. SAS is good to, very entertaining. But Last Stand will always be my most favorite zombie game, because it was the first game I ever played online.)


3323270 So do I, but I declare this my victory. Well, half yours, half mine. :twilightblush:

Will you just hug me already? You've destroyed a freaking Universe for this!

You only have to say it once. *Tackles and snuggles*

(I've played all of the Last Stand games. Dead Zone was fine, but I like Union City better. Just had that special feeling.. But I haven't been on Dead Zone for two years.. :raritydespair:)

Yeeeee we did Dashie, no a lot of people would do that just for you~ *hugs my own*

(I haven't been on my in about four months. Union was good, the ending sucked though :facehoof: )


3323360 Except we're the only ones who actually did it. I think next time I'll just put out a Desert Eagle and shoot whoever challenges me right between the eyes.


Says the mare who blew up a barn house with a Rainbow nuke..

"... Touche." *Glomps*

(The ending definitely could have been better. Oh, and the first Last Stand game actually inspired Call of Duty: Zombies. Which, I still love to bits)

3325050 Well... that's one way to threaten someone 8D hehehe.
if it were me, I would use cattle prod. Don't test meh.

Where even would you get a cattle prod?

I have my ways Dashie~ *hnnnnnnnngs everywhere*

(The ending truly stank DX it needs to be changed or something. Oh really?! That is so frigging cool, I love that. :D)


3325447 Cattle prods?..

Kinky. :trollestia:

(If only I could play it more. Don't get on much because I barely have anybody playing it.)

3325654 Very~

(I've only ever played the first zombies and Black Ops. They were fun, but I never played online.)

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