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Talguy talks about Pokémon · 5:26am Aug 13th, 2015

So, as some of you 5 people may know, I play Pokémon. As only Rose probably knows, I play it a lot.
I also like to think I'm pretty good! I might not have the widest arrangement of IV bred and EV trained Pokémon, but I make do, and fare pretty well in the jungle that is battle spot, and in battles with friends. I typically avoid using Ubers like the plague, thinking of them as a 'cheap shot,' which they kinda are.

I took a trio of Uber tier Pokémon into Battle spot the other day though, consisting of my Origin-form Giratina, a Mega Salamence, and, my personal favorite of the bunch, a Shiny Shaymin a friend of mine got off the Wonder Trade. The other three I had were more or less UU Pokémon, in case my opponent had no Ubers. I'm nothing if not fair. I did pretty well, and none of them really failed me... but due to the lack of variety in my Uber pool, (those three being the only 'good' ones I have) I kinda went back to UU and making people ragequit using Zoroark.

That is, until I got my Shiny Rayquaza from Mystery Gift today. I'm aware of Mega Ray's overwhelming power. I know that there is good reason it got banned from the Uber tier, but I'd fought several in the past, without any of them KOing a single one of my Pokémon. So I EV trained the thing up (I ended up rolling a Jolly natured one with good IVs) and took it out into battle. It's currently on a 4 win streak solo, having Dragon Danced up and swept every single team it's fought without fainting. 3 of those teams, mind you, also had a Mega Ray, so it is technically fair! :rainbowwild:

...why is playing like a scumbag so fun? First my attempts at a bad Face Hunter in Hearthstone, and now this monstrous thing.

I am officially a terrible person.

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Comments ( 10 )

I hope you burn then get tossed into the Abyss by the good lord himself.


Honestly? I do too.

yes, you love poke`mon too!!!:pinkiecrazy:

One day, one time, I might battle you. One day, if you even want to.
I use a shiny Talonflame, Shiny mandobuzz, and switch between Delphox (my starter, actually lvl 100), Umbreon, Absol!, Vaporeon, Mewtwo, and Rayquaza (sadly not shiny since I lost my game)

I know you probably don`t care (no one really ever does)

but if you ever have a shiny Eevee, I WILL TRADE ALMOST ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:
Sorry, it`s not often people ever care about if I like/love poke`mon, so I thought I might give it a try anyways.:twilightsmile:


Why do you think I posted this? :rainbowwild:

I'd be happy to battle or trade some time!
...but sorry, my shiny Eevee is mine. It's kinda the first shiny I ever got in any of my games, so It's not going anywhere. :ajsmug:

PM me your friend code, and we'll see what happens! :derpytongue2:

3335702 YES!!! Once I find my game i`ll give you my friend code... If I can find it... Soon I hope.
One day... I will... Find... A shiny... EEVEE!!!! and then i`ll have a shiny umbreon... the glory~:rainbowkiss:

(my first shiny was a piloswine that I thought was glitched... I traded it for a japanese lvl100 articuno though, so in terms my first shiny is this ditto that won`t breed any shinnies for me):derpytongue2:


Did you know a parent being shiny has nothing to do with the odds of the kids being shiny? It's a common misconception! :twilightsmile:

3336675 *gaping*
That website tricked meh!
Whelp it said having a shiny ditto hold a destiny knot would increase the chance of a shiny a lot.

Is there any way to increase the chance? I don`t need 500 boxes full of Mudkip, JUST so I can train it to get my friends shiny Charizard:facehoof:


Well, foreign Pokemon increase the chances, and there's the Shiny Charm, which you get for completing the National Dex. Other than that, it's luck.

But don't be discouraged about the Destiny Knot! It's one of the two most important items for IV breeding, along with an Everstone. I'm not going to go into super high detail- there are a million tutorials on Youtube, and you might not even care about IV breeding.

3336716 no not really, in truth. But Maybe that ditto I have is Japanese....:moustache:

whelp, thank you for helping!:twilightsmile:

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