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Thank you all · 2:54am Aug 13th, 2015

Everyone who came to my last few blog posts to cheer me up (especially the one that got deleted :ajsleepy:), thank you for being there for me. For one brief second, I slipped back to the way I was: angry and bitter, lashing out hoping it would make me feel better, and instead making things worse. That's the kind of behavior that landed me on the Foal Free Press' watchlist.

But after finally watching it, this is my response, to them, and to all the haters who still think that person on that site is who I am:

Thanks again, everyone.:scootangel:

Report LightningSword · 251 views · #thank you
Comments ( 14 )

Your welcome Lightning.

And, when your in the dumps, just remember there is one phrase of great power and wisdom that speaks to the soul in the time of need.

Glad we could help, also that MV made me think of this comic http://uotapo.deviantart.com/art/Lock-Up-Securely-552192607

As said before: anytime, buddy. You're our friend, don't forget that.

Like I said before, you're an awesome person. Everyone has their bad times. But they also have their times of light, glory, and peace. :scootangel:

I'm sorry for not being around much but I'm glad you're doing better now:twilightsmile:

No worries, dude.

I'm honored to be your friend.:twilightsmile:

happy to help dud

Sorry man, I was at work so I didn't know what was going on. I hope you're feeling better though. You know I'm always willing to help out if you have a problem. :twilightsmile:

3316030 Lightning, listen to me and listen to this guy. His wise words are a gift to us all.

You're a great writer, and I'm sure you're a great person. I'm glad to be a follower of yours :twilightsmile:

sorry I didn't get here in enough time to help but I'm also glad that you are feeling better.

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