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I play boardgames by myself in the dark · 11:30pm Aug 12th, 2015

Content tenuously related to Xenophilia directly below.

Hey look, it's Bellerophon riding the pegasus. Lero and Dash confirmed for Normandy HURR DURR (yes I know about the legendary 6th Parachute Division, shut up).

So... hmm.

Next chapter of Cultural Norms will be out this month. I'd love to say it'll be out this week, but whenever I say stuff will be out this week, bad things happen and my work gets delayed. So, the next chapter will be out this month.

But man, It'd be great if it was this week.

Shortly after this upcoming chapter will be yet another chapter of Cultural Norms, also out this month early September. It was going to be part of the current chapter, and it involved the Lyra vs. Berry Punch fight, but I decided to cut it and make it its own chapter.

And thennnn, there's a Xenophilia one-shot I'm basing off of a prompt in the prompt thread. I hope the good mister TheQuietMan will consider it for inclusion in his good mister Xenophilia: Shotglass Oneshots.

In addition, I'll be sending him some of the non-M rated stuff I littered in the Xenophilia forums. I'm seriously considering posting M rated oneshots as Cultural Norms updates, instead of putting them in the forum. Obviously I'll point out that they're not part of the CN continuity.

I would, however, like to hear people's opinion on me doing this, if you have an opinion you care to give.

After all that, I'll post a non-Xeno story about Rarity which I'm sure will be just as popular and beloved as my other non-Xeno stories. I don't have a title yet (I'm awful at titles), but the description says:

While hunting for spiders hiding in her chaise lounge, Rarity suddenly realizes she has the ability to forgive sins. She goes out to Ponyville to spread mercy and forgiveness to an unbelieving populace. How will she convince her friends that they need her grace to escape the clutches of pony hell?

Maybe it won't get hateful reviews like my other two non-Xeno stories Culling a Bad Branch (The Double didn't get hateful comments; my bad), since no one gets killed and it won't have a dark tag.

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Comments ( 4 )

I like One-shots. Sadly they eventually get lost in the attic of the forum threads. You could do both. Have it show up first in the Xeno-forums then post it later as an update for this story.

Concerning your teaser for Rarity, seems the Element of Generosity is on the fritz and messing with it's owner.

I like your idea about the one shots, and that just may be what I do.

You're deliberately seeking downvotes? Masochistic much?!

Not deliberately so much as I'm resigned to them.

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