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"If I was an oven creator, I would label the knobs 'FRONT' and 'BACK.' Not a tiny diagram of how to fuck yourself." ~Austin "Chef" Dickey

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Taking A Break From Trying To Write For A Small While. · 10:45pm Aug 12th, 2015

So, yesterday was fucking awful. The day itself was riddled with unfortunate happenings, which isn't a big deal, but towards the end of the day everything really plummeted.

So, for starters I got into multiple debates with one person, and for me, most of them were pretty heated since they were more arguing over opinions than facts, and it sort of pulled my brain apart. Not literally, obviously. Then, in the middle of the debate someone (surprise, it was Tavi4) left an undesirable comment on one of my blog posts, and with the debate wearing me out, I didn't take it very well. The conversation that ensued led Tavi to do that "shoutout" of his which further frustrated me because now I have like eight followers that I didn't rightfully earn. And mere minutes after that thing happened, I lost one of the debates I mentioned earlier, and losing that particular one left me forced to accept something that really fucked me up emotionally. I won't bore you guys with it since I've recovered from it decently, but it did leave a tiny mental mark and also left me, for lack of a better word, done. I just told the opposing person that I'd given up on the other debates we were having, and after that I think I fell asleep.

I'm still a little bit shaken up from the debate incident, and today was a hectic, chaotic day, so in the end, I'm just going to not take a shot at writing any works for now. I'll probably pop back up within a day or two, maybe even tonight, but for now I just need a break.

Looking on the bright sides though, I have two new pairs of shoes.

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Well, shit. Sorry about that. I didn't know that you had this much occurring on behind the scenes. But this will pass soon enough and in a week, this might seem insignificant. In a year, you most likely won't even remember it. The pain of a cut is most evident right when it occurs.:twilightsmile:

3315521 Don't worry about it. It's not like you could've known. I'll feel better about the whole thing eventually, but for now I'm taking a break. And it doesn't help that the Starset song Halo makes be think of Rainbow for some reason.

For the record, though, I still love Chrysalis and hate Discord.

3315635 I love them both. The show wouldn't have some great episodes of they weren't there. But I do wish they would bring chrysalis back. I liked how they did it in the comics.

Well bud we were going to congratulate you on your 100th follow and the start of you cult, until we read your blogs. My sister and I are sorry about what went down. But that being said, we believe you should be proud. You have come a very long way on this site since you first started, and my sister and I are proud to follow you.

We await for your return senpai.:twilightsmile:


Well spoken bud. Well spoken indeed.

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