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    I'm back

    2019 was a bad year, next one will be better.

    Like, I'm Stadia bad going to Master PC Race good.

    I have two stories in the works, they will be out next year.

    Also come on, the fucking Stadia is DOA.

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    Why I Died

    So you might have noticed that I haven't been posting a lot in a while, also haven't been streaming for a while.

    So you all know I was working night manager at my Dairy Queen. I had it pretty good, solid hours, decent pay, made cakes with penises on them. Shit was pretty cash.

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    S3E103: Castle Bound

    This is my favorite Resident Evil 4 image ever.


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Welp. That Was Quick. · 10:28pm Aug 12th, 2015

Less than one hour and thirty minutes. That is faster than No Magic Required and this story doesn't have any sex.

Guys, this story is terrible, I can't remember writing most of it, I was coming down from being high. WHY DO YOU LIKE ME?

Ha, fucking kidding I'm awesome, and thanks so much for supporting my work! I didn't think this was actually going to be any good but you all proved me wrong! thanks a bunch. It really does mean a lot to get all this feedback and favourites.

Fuck you Google, I'm Canadian, I'll spell favourite however I damn well please.

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Comments ( 8 )

It's not Google correcting your spelling; it's whatever "dictionary" your browser happens to be using.

The more you know, :twilightsmile:


Because...actually I don't know why just accept it okay!


Fuck you Google, I'm Canadian, I'll spell favourite however I damn well please.

Hahas, you silly non-'mericans putting unneeded 'u's in words. Amour, favourite? Naah!

3315334 Well, in my case, I'm using Chrome, so yes, it is Google! :pinkiehappy:

Favourite. Metre. Colour.

Seriously FUCK 'merican english.

That said, I believe we have a new Pen Stroke.
Don't stop here, you have a bright future in writing.

Branch out, don't just do FanFiction.

Look at ghostwriting, consider trying to market original stories, with original characters.
I see so much talent on this site, and site's like this, that goes to waste because people assume they can only do one thing.

3316734 And I'm using Pale Moon, a Firefox-based web browser.

No problems so far, :rainbowdetermined2:

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