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Doctor Who: Series 9 Trailer #2 Released! · 7:03pm Aug 12th, 2015

Series 9 is looking crazier and crazier! Dragons! Waterbending! Hands with eyes! The Doctor with shades! Insane Missy! Zygons! Rigsy! Osgood! Daleks! Skaro! Maisie Williams! Fire breathing lion people! Clara with a rocket launcher! Ghosts! Vikings with steampunk monsters! More of the Doctor on horseback! Epic speeches!

Same old, same old. Just the Doctor and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS!

Hurry up, September 19!

Comments ( 6 )

Hurry up, September 19!

And just the week before that, MLP Season 5 continues!

I didn't know that. There's going to be one great week after another in September! :pinkiehappy:

0:09 Vogons!

And what? You mean that with this new YouTube player, I can't Like the video from here like I used to? Ripoff.

I cant wait till it comes. ohh come on when is September 19 supposed to get here.

Anyone else notice the city at 0:22 looks like the Dalek city from 'The Daleks' when the 1st doctor was present?

I have a hunch that it is the city from that episode. Or at least another city on Skaro.

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