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    It's a bit of a cliché to say it, but a lot can happen in a year.

    I'm not going to get into most of what has happened, because it's boring. The big announcement is that I've moved home, back up to near my parents and the rest of my family, which means no more Birmingham (and no more cheap chocolate from the cadbury factory, alas).

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    I both do and do not feel replaced, but at least I got a giggle out of it.

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Bronycon Roundup: Part The First · 5:01pm Aug 12th, 2015

In which I dump a bunch of sketches that Ferret made me draw, because it's so very difficult to convince me to draw donkeys. Images below the cut because they're fairly big.

But first have some music...

Moon Dancer, derped up Lyra and Bon Bon


Glint Garnet (of No Room For Regret fame)

Lucent Noctis (aka Night Light, aka The Duke, aka Twidad)

Crincile de Botici, Cerulamna, Dilly Daliér (a mule)

Pinkie Pie's dad, Maud Pie, Twilight Changeling, something that was mean to be Caramel but ended up looking like happy Octavia, and Prince Blueblood (who would approve of Oxford Commas because he is educated).

Slowpoke, Jack (a donkey from Morning Glory, and finally Barrow (from the same fic)

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Moon Dancer, derped up Lyra and Bon Bon

The real question is, whose severed head is that?

I like the sketches of Prince Bluebood and Pinkie Pie's dad especially. :twilightsmile:

So many sketches...

Prince Blueblood (who would approve of Oxford Commas because he is educated).

Perhaps his one redeeming quality.

Thanks for sharing the sketches! :twilightsmile:

I saw you. I didn't approach you. But I saw you.

I sat in the corner, anxiously twirling my a lock of my hair around my finger, watching you with eyes filled with longing and desire, and shyly wondering how I could approach you. You didn't know I was there. I spoke naught the briefest of words, made nary a whisper of a sound. For I didn't know if I was worthy of your time, or your presence. You, with your talent for writing, or the glorious illustrations that bloomed forth from your pen, or the dulcet timbre of your booming, accented voice.

And so, I was content to merely watch. To watch, and to wish, and to dream... of you.

3314787 Must say, your avatar fits that to a tee :twilightsmile:

3314743 Too true! A pony who can appreciate correct grammar surely can't be entirely evil? :derpytongue2:

3314480 I'unno. Minuette? Lost her head when Twilight came to visit and never really recovered afterwards.

Your mission, Archie, should you choose to accept it:

Draw and write a story about the definitive alicorn donkey OC.

3314787 Kids these days. Next year, get your adoration out of the way ahead of time, so at the con you can just ask him if he wants to bang, m'kay? :trixieshiftright:

3314966 I was kind of thinking the horse head thing from Godfather. War declarations are rough in Equestria.

Ah cool, I watched you sketch the donkeys while everyone else was engaged in Trial By Mariokart. It came out pretty well.

I never found you. But I hope at least you didn't contribute to the puking pony fanart table (seriously the hell was that?).

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