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    Time to fess up

    Alright, guys. Time for me to bite the bullet. My Choices is officially On Hiatus.

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    Holy crap you guys.

    Okay, okay, I know the next chapter of My Choices is taking FOREVER. And I'm sorry. It's been hard to get motivated. BUT! My good friend Nutjob decided to motivate me by purchasing an awesome commission from some guy named Bitz. Check this out!

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    Remember My Little Avengers? That cute, fast-paced romp that updated like once a week at least, as opposed to my current glacial pace? Remember how you all wanted a sequel ASAP, and I was like "Nah, Imma work on My Choices instead"? Well, a proper sequel is still a ways off buuuut we have the next best thing - a side story!

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    I'm not dead!


    *dodges rotten tomatoes*

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    Welp, folks, it's finally happened. Summer is ending, and starting tomorrow it's back to school with me. I've got a heavy course load this semester, plus with school back in session I'll be able to meet with my RPing group again, which means I'll be spending a good chunk of time DMing. On top of all this, I've recently come down with a nasty and very stubborn cold, so I haven't really had the

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My Choices has a TVTropes page! · 6:07pm Jul 31st, 2012


This is awesome! I've only written two fics, and they BOTH have TVTropes pages! How awesome is that?

Unfortunately, the My Choices page is itty bitty, with only seven tropes so far, but we can fix that! It'd be uncool for me to add tropes myself, so instead I turn to you, my loyal readers. I beg of you, make this page grow! Give it some love!

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Comments ( 7 )

Don't ask me to go on TVTropes! You do want me to come back and read your story, right?

Pretty awesome!

The next chapter won't be up for days at least. You've got some free time!

261863 Dude, it's TV tropes. Days will be the minimum to close all the tabs opened. :raritydespair::rainbowlaugh:

You're welcome, by the way.:ajbemused:
261877 ...I must be immune to at least part of TVTropes then, I always keep it to one tab... 2 when editing so I can look up the titles for Potholing.

Yes! Now I can post all my WMGs! :rainbowkiss:

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