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    Oh man I've been buuuuuuuuuuuusy. Like, so much so. Just moved town and had to get everything situated in a new house. Plus, I've finally adopted a kiddo, so I got that going for me, which is great. More difficult than I ever thought it would, but the wife and I managed to get everything down pat (for now at least).

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  • 307 weeks
    Update And Junk

    Hey, it's that time of year again. With the colder weather and changing leaves. Or more along the lines of Florida terms, absolutely no difference whatsoever! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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  • 312 weeks
    I Believe A Proper Explanation Is In Order


    Oh yeah, right. My bad.

    Well, uh, people... yeah, it's been rough. On me at least. You guys on the other hand could still be having a rad time. Or something. I'm not trying to put you down here. Just trying to be... real? I guess.

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  • 313 weeks
    Dear God

    I forgot to mention it was my birthday like two days ago. Damn, I've been busier than I thought.

    Oh, also, writing a novel. Because I'm a neeeeeeerd.

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    Whelp I Guess I Should Mention My Vacation Thingy

    Lemme tells ya, trying to find a decent internet reception in Miami sucks balls. But on the bright side they have incredibly fruity drinks over here, which is rad.

    Also holy fuck so much shit in my feed message. Haven't checked Skype in a long time. So many things. So little time.


    Eh. So how are you guys doing?

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What The Sponge Has Been Up To · 6:13pm Aug 11th, 2015

Heya folks. First and foremost, I recently got a raise and promotion at my job (after getting passed by FIVE FUCKING TIMES NOW FUCK YOUR MOTHER JERRY), so along with more monies I have even less free time. Like, almost nothing. I'm only typing this because I'm waiting for an oil change on my car. Ugggggggggh adulthood suuuuuuuucks.

Anyway, I heard that this con thing happened. It was probably lame because I wasn't there. Totally lame. You can't have a con without the sponge man. Heh... heh... Oh god I'm so pathetic!

Now that I have a little bit of time, let's see what's on fimfic. Let's see... over 200 feed messages. Should I read each and every one of them? I think we all know the answer to that.

And I never will.

Well I guess the best thing to do is sum it all up for me. As for writing... Pfffffft. I'll try to find time. Hopefully.


Oh god someone help me please.

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May god have mercy on your soul

There is no God. Only Job.

Yer a butt

Dear Rainsquare Pantsbob Spongebow,
You should write horsewords about best pony, Derpy.
Helped you.
Thank me later.

Congratulations on the promotion! :yay:

Yay promotions! :scootangel:

And thus you suffer because of a bet between cosmic entities. It all comes together.

Seriously, best of luck at work.

Bronycon was better than sex. With you there, things would've quickly turned NSFW.

I miss that episode of Spongebob. Anyone remember when SB was good?

I'll sum up a majority of the blog posts in your feed:

● Woooooooooo, Bronycon!!!
● :DDDDDDDD pics with friends
● DDDDD: it's over
● patreon
● stories.jpg

Congratulations on the promotion, and also on getting into EQD. :0

3312163 Steve Job died for your sins.

Congrats on the promotion, at least!

*hugs a Bob* ^_^

Congrats on the promotion, Bob! :twilightsmile: Although, it does suck that less sponge words about pastel-colored horses will be made. :raritycry:

Rush and Pony on!

Author Interviewer

Obviously, you should go back and read all of my contributions to your feed, because they are the importantest ones. :V

What industry is you new job position?

Well, at least you have a decent reason for lack of updates.

*Is resisting the urge to tear his own brain into shreds* :fluttershyouch:

3312220 Yes I do that because that was my childhood when Squidwood was likable and Pizza Delivery , Chocolate and Nuts, and Band Geeks where the talk of the town . After the movie in went down the drain but Nick got 60% of its money form it and thats why its still airing.

This is a very bias comment .

I didn't have a single post in my feed mentioning any Bronycons or some other bullshit :I

Thank you amazing people I follow

Yeah, responsibilities suuuuuuuuuck. I hope you figure out a way to manage your time for writing to your comfort-ability.

Be strong, Spongey-Baby!

Good luck.

You need to find a way to find more time when you're not at work. Me? I write when normal people would be otherwise sleeping.
How do I do it, you ask?

more monies



Huh? You were there? Dunno if I saw you.

Hnoooooo hnnnnooooo... Money is the more importanterest.

Stupid and sexy money man

3399780 I was in my human disguise so the feds couldn't find me and send me to the labs at Area 51 for dissection. :twilightoops:

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