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  • 112 weeks
    Help on writing?

    Oh, before I log off I wanted to ask the community something.

    Can anyone here teach me, or at least guide me on writing? Sure I've gotten better, but I still feel that with proper guidance
    I'd be able to produce better content. Of course, I can reflect on my old stories but there's one problem. I realize properly now,

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  • 112 weeks
    Hello Everyone!

    So, em... it's been a while!

    I don't expect people to read this, but just for my own nostalgia I decided to come back.
    So much has happened since I joined the MLP community in 2015, and it scares me. A lot, is this what feeling old is like?
    In these last four years, I've matured and even left the MLP fandom around two years ago. But I really do miss the feeling

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  • 230 weeks
    A brand NEW Story!

    Hey Guys!
    I know I don't have the best stories but this one I know for sure is going to blow all of you away.. At least I hope so
    Anyway the new story is going to be named; Something Like Fate!
    The story put simply is a girl named Lily Impa struggling through High School to find the love of her life,
    I wont say more but I can't wait to release it to the world later on today,

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  • 318 weeks

    Back Every Pony!

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Thanks! · 11:19pm Aug 9th, 2015

Back Every Pony!

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