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SCREW HIM!!!! · 12:34am Aug 8th, 2015

Screw the f:yay:king pursuer:flutterrage:

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He's the kind of guy where you need to learn his movesets.
Also a lot of his moves are parryable. Don't get stabbed by this stab. It's bad. There's like 3 bosses who will want to do that and they'll get a buff and you lose faith in humanity.
Mostly I just rule through swings after his combo and hit him then back off.
Be careful when you hit the NG+ levels.


I figured out you gotta roll usually but I've decided fuck it and went to kill the rotten :P

Right now it's him and the ruin sentinels that I'm having a pain in the ass with. Mostly because the idiot AI dude you can get for the sentinels keeps falling off the damn floor before I kill the first one :ajbemused:

3303277 The sad thing I think is that all bosses mentioned above are weak to strike attacks :trollestia:
The Rotten is one of the four major guys you have to beat in order to progress. Or get 1 million soul memory. Man I hate soul memory.


I know he's got a lord soul

But no clue what soul memory is XD

He's week to magic attacks, so ether bring a lot of soul arrows (or something of the like) and time your attacks right, or cast magic on your weapon

Or you could summon someone to help you, or just simply memories his attacks and how to dodge them


I'm offline
And I know hoe to dodge, he's just an ass

3303364 Hm............. Have you tried to use the ballistas to kill him?


Yes, I have and I know how to kill him it's just he's a pain in the ass for me

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to try the ruin sentinels agair

do you need more salt?
I have a couple buckets of the stuff.

3303404 Good Luck

PS. The best way to beat The Ruin Sentinels is with the shield you get after beating The Pursuer, so yeah, again, good luck.

3303326 Back in the good old days, depending on who you can invade or help (or subsequently get invaded or get co-op online support) was based off your level. Soul memory basically takes level out of the equation where you get matched with people based on the number of souls you've obtained at any given time on your character.
Say you beat a boss then immediately die somehow after, the game still counts that as part of your soul memory.

Basically this pissed off the community because if you were to farm items for pvp fun then you contribute to raising your soul memory.
So if you wanted to go on some jolly cooperation with your buddy and you're both level 40 then it might not be as easy.
They brought soul level matchmaking back in Bloodborne and the development team wanted to forget all about Soul Memory.

3303346 3303404
Magic weapons or use aromatic ooze + strike weapons. The Ruin Sentinels actually have low poise and can be staggered rather easily. You're allowed to kill the first one on the ledge, and can avoid getting hit when the next Sentinel jumps by standing near the corner it's jumping to. Do as much damage and when the third shows up then either bail or try to finish off #2. They get two new moves when on the ground. The shield toss can instant-kill at low level.


Okay, and well I'm level 54


Well, I'm playing offline so no worries about that


I beat him:pinkiehappy:

It just took a +5 hiede spear and almost all of my sunny D

3309592 Nice, I hope things go well for you in the Salt Fort.
I'm not even joking, the game knows it's a difficult place XD


Apparently no-one thought of mentioning that a mace was a good weapon against the sentinels:facehoof:

3309951 AHEM
3303320 3303725 And others from the before posts.
Strike weapons are anything that are related to maces, clubs, or great clubs.

Most of the bosses in Dark Souls 2 are weak to strike attack weapons along with either lightning or magic.
Personally I just went Clubs and spammed strength so I can get the A scaling off while powerstancing them.
Combining those factors you also throw in a considerable chunk of beating the shit out of their poise (it's the thing about how much armor/hits needed to make them stagger). Strike weapons are op PVE weapons. Rapiers are also surprisingly good.


I'm not a clever changeling :twilightblush:


Any advice for the belfry gargoyles?

3321969 They really really hate lightning. Use pine resin. They also don't like magic. Just try to take out what you can early as hell because after some moments of running around dodging flames and axes, they'll start to come off their pedestals and that's not good.
Focus one at a time, their physical attacks are parryable.

For more info: http://darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Belfry+Gargoyle


I actually managed to beat them with a +1 claymore XD but damn was an intense fight

And now it's: the lost sinner, the Rotten and the royal rat authority

3322278 Royal Rat is optional but fun.
Once you get a fragment branch of yore you can open a new area. If you talked to that Priest Lady from after Dragonrider and exhausted her dialogue she'll return to the place between Majula and Heide's Tower and if you give her souls she'll move a gate to lead into another new area.
The two areas above are not optional unless you're doing the 1 million soul memory then only the Fragment way would be the only thing you need. You'll get one after Lost Sinner, but there's one somewhere near the Rotton area too.

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