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Spiral really has no idea what they're doing and they hope you like what you're reading.

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Bother Me · 8:42pm Aug 7th, 2015

I need inspiration the muse has been so low. Anything. Anything at all. Comments, messages, ideas, etcetera and beyond.

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Write! There's a bill collector at the back door, they're repossessing your Corvette, and you're six months behind in the house payments on your mansion in Beverly Hills.

Oh, wait. That was supposed to go to Jim Butcher/Rowling/Steph Meyer. You're writing Fanfic. Never mind.

The Autobiography of a Princess
Story: Princess Twilight Sparkle has been so busy spreading friendship around Equestria that she hasn't had a chance to keep up with her friendship studies. Now the grant writing committee is investigating her lack of written research, the bill collectors are starting to show up at the castle wanting paid for rewiring/plumbing/landscaping her new home, and all kinds of relatives she's never heard of before are writing her asking for money. But don't worry. Twilight has things all under control. She just needs to find something to raise a little spending money in the next three days before her castle is foreclosed on.

Maybe she could write a book.

Anyhing from the "rising moon" universe.

You could write another short about luna, or a story about another character living in the same world. For example Celestia dealing with angry representants of saddle arabia concerning the lunar valley, among other things

Or a story about the diamond dogs mining diamonds. there just happens to be a former coal mine in an area that was exposed to pressure, strong enough to turn coal into diamond, so they go in, mine the diamonds and have to get out before the cause of the pressure comes back

Or Luna is called for help to deal with the anthro universe version of the monolith. I know the monolith isnt big enough to put up a fight with her, but the interesting part would be about what happens in the aftermath. Luna "could" put her back underground an seal her again, or she could use the opportunity to finally make a friend, that she can see without a magnifying glass(-spell?) and doesnt need a megaphone to talk to her. The monolith isnt happy about the idea. They could have their own sitcom (monolith is the grumpy one)


I like the way you think.

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