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"I know. And counting on my own experiences, they'll forgive you." ~Sunset Shimmer :heart: SunLight FriendShipper. Sorry guys, I'm not going to be active here anymore!

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    Unfortunate News About Fall Apart [+ An Explanation For My Inactivity]

    I'm assuming that most people who were reading my fanfic "Fall Apart" have already either given up on it or forgotten about it since I haven't updated in over a year, but I just wanted to make it official for anyone who's still hoping to see a new chapter...

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    It's very likely that there will be an update on Fall Apart tomorrow.

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    I've Finally Posted The Next Chapter Of Fall Apart~

    Yeeeeeppppp, that was nearly a year and a half wait, but I hope this still counts for something. :,)

    Feel free to go check it out~!

    I'll be working on the next chapter now so that I don't run into ANOTHER year and a half of lack of inspiration and hiatus. *Crosses fingers*

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    It's nearly midnight, but who the heck cares? XD

    Edit: Ok, woah. I was just looking at the stats, and Fall Apart has gotten an unbelievably large amount of attention, what the heck? I don't deserve thissssss!

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    Guess What, Guys?

    Heeeeeyyyyyy! I got bored so I’m gonna work on the next chapter of Fall Apart. If all goes well, it’ll be up sometime this week! Apparently, I’d already started it, which makes it a lot easier to pick up where I left off. And since I’ve been away from it for so long, I’ll be able to look at it with a new mind set. Although, as you all know, I’m not the most...reliable of people, so, we’ll see.

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Story requests! · 9:14pm Aug 5th, 2015

So, I'm having a hard time coming up with story ideas. Does anyone want a story request? If you do you can comment or pm and I might write it if it's not innapropriate and if I like the idea. :twilightsmile:

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I have an idea!
Mabel wants to thank Grunkle Stan for having them this summer. And what better way than a party?:pinkiehappy:
What do you think?


:pinkiecrazy: In a world. . . *BWOM!* where trailers are vague and take themselves too seriously. . .*BWOM!* . . .you will never be able to figure anything out about the plot aside from the fact that there is scary imagery. . .*BWOM!* . . .and that Hollywood really likes to use that out-of-tune violin that escalates in pitch to scare. THE. CRAP. OUT. OF. YOU.
*Scary out-of-tune violin that escalates in pitch*

*Whispers* All that glitters is not gold.

Do a story with explosions! :flutterrage:

Nah, I'm kidding. :derpytongue2: Why dontcha do an origin story? Those are always fun, at least for me. You could do the story of Sunset Shimmer's first experience in the human world, where she lived, how she reacted and adapted to everything, how she ended up bagging Flash Sentry as her boyfriend, etc. This is more of a suggestion that a request, because it sounded like fun.

Rainbow learning to speak Spanish? IDK...

#1: OK, then... :rainbowderp:
#2: Yeah, I like those kinda stories, too. Thanks for the idea! :pinkiehappy:

3297550 Um, I'm not exactly sure who they are...

3297553 Depends. I'm kinda bad at them.

3297640 Hm, maybe. Thanks for the idea! :pinkiehappy:

3297718 I just want an OC story with mine and my friends OC :derpytongue2: Dosent have to be from you though, don't worry

3297715 You've never seen Gravity Falls? Oh, sorry.:twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by superfun deleted Jul 26th, 2016
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