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Two days until BronyCon! · 5:39pm Aug 5th, 2015

Flying out tomorrow midday! Arriving tomorrow evening! God willing, &c. Hope to see you there! Yes, you. I'm actually talking directly to you. Not those other people.

Does anyone know if there's a centralized fic track hangout / meetup / whatever? The comedy panel I'm sitting on isn't until 10 a.m. on Sunday (yargh, first Sunday panel is never well-attended for hangover reasons, but on the bright side it means fewer people to see me make a dork of myself...) so I can't really count on that to network with anyone on the topic.

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Comments ( 23 )

I will likely be around. Don't know if there are any hangouts, but if you would like to try to hook up, swing me a message .. or look for the Wing badge. :P

Quills and Sofas.

Also the author dinner, which I believe still has a few spots open. Sunchaser's the guy to talk to if you haven't already.

I'll be around the convention all weekend long. I'll drop by and say hello. I assume you'll be at the opening ceremony?


Yes, but I suspect it's a big crowd! Hard to find anyone in particular...

Sounds like there is at least one crash/hangout, per 3296951 there. Perhaps I'll see you there!


I suspect that too. If anything, we could use specific places at the con so w know who to look for.


Thanks for the heads-up on that!

As GaryOak said, Quills and Sofas (or whatever they call the writer's hangout this year) will be where all the writers are. I think some of the Price of Loyalty-verse guys may be doing a dinner or something too.

3296993 I sees, good times. :P

Yup Quills and Sofas.
Probably spent most of Bronycon there last year.

3297141, 3297247
Cool, mebby I'll see you there?

Afraid not. Bronycon money got eaten by a house that is literally collapsing. Big hole in the ceiling. We are considering bankruptcy now. :fluttershyouch:

Take lots of pictures!

I did not know this.

Clearly this is when you will reveal the latest installment of your Cadance series. Right? Right! Can't wait!

Well if I see you I'll be sure to waste some of that precious, finite amount of time you have on earth by saying hi ^.^ You'll be the guy with the angelic Cadance glowing like a halo above him, right? Shouldn't be too hard to spot.

If by "Angelic Cadance" you mean "a little Cadance-themed pin" then yes. If it makes things better I will be wearing a hat, though.

Things are in fact moving on the Cadance stories. This whole thing with Fluttershy's (S5 Spoiler Redacted) is making me have to reconsider a plot point, however. I just wish we knew more about this.

I'm really not a shutterbug, alas! I worry I get too wrapped up in taking pictures and forget to have the actual experience.

Oh I get it, the pin is how you communicate with her. You tap it and then talk through it. Clever!

Either that or she'll be under your hat.

She is my very, very little pony, yes.

SPark and I are are already ensconced at the Holiday Inn. We plan on spending our time that isn't eaten by the vendor booth at Quills and Sofas, basically.

Marriott here.

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