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  • 236 weeks
    Working on Chapter 4!

    I just started on chapter four tonight, now that I've gotten settled in at home with no company and just my laptop and some Mountain Dew to keep me entertained. Things are really going to start getting exciting here pretty soon, so stay tuned!

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  • 237 weeks
    The Hiatus is almost over!

    So for anyone who's been looking for a new chapter in Journey won't have to wait too much longer! This coming week is finals week, which mean I'll have some time to get some writing in! And next semester will hopefully be a lot slower and easier, so I should have time to keep up with my writing. I've been aching to write for so long now, but I just always have something going on that I should be

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  • 253 weeks
    Looking to update this weekend... maybe.

    Well, hell week is over and class starts tomorrow. I'm going to try to get a chapter up this weekend, but my 21st birthday is this weekend, so I dunno. It's not until Sunday, and I don't plan on doing shit Saturday, so maybe I'll try to get it up Saturday, if I write all through the week in my free time.

    So just be on the lookout!

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  • 254 weeks
    Updates will be slowing down, probably

    Eyy ya'll. So marching camp for us starts tomorrow, and then classes start next Monday. So while I'd still like to get a chapter a week down, it's going to be tricky, since I'll be very busy, and very tired. So, instead of a weekly chapter, it's probably going to be moved to a bi-weekly and maybe but hopefully not, a tri-weekly chapter.

    So just hang in there, the writing will come, I promise!

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  • 255 weeks
    Sleep deprived rant on FiMfiction's shitty quality control

    I'm probably annoying my friends on Skype to death with my constant bitching and moaning over things I'm noticing on this website right now. Maybe I'm just a little (read, very) salty because around the same time I posted the first chapter to Journey, there was a story in the featured that was also released around the same time, and was a displaced story with an op slenderwoman OC, that had shit

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Looking for a cool guy editor · 6:14am Aug 5th, 2015

Hey guys. I like to think I do a pretty good job of sweeping my own stuff for errors and things that just don't flow well, but it's nigh impossible to get them all without a second pair of eyes. So, I'd like to get me an editor to help me out, just to make sure things are going the way they should. It'd help with making sure my stuff is top quality when it comes out hot off the keyboard, and making sure I wouldn't have to go back and edit things after the finalization and publication -- because let's be honest, it's just embarrassing to have half the comments on your story be, "hur dur you spelled this word wrong fag."

If you'd like to apply for the 'job', just shoot me a note or something and we can discuss it. I guess benefits include getting to see the story before it goes public, and discussing the story and stuff directly with me, which would be cool. It's be preferable if I could talk to you through Skype, so keep that in mind when you apply.

Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to!

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