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Random Thoughts of Existential Horror / Fic Idea · 12:14pm Aug 4th, 2015

Was browsing through the comments on another story when the issue of character ages in EQG came up. More specifically the fact that extremely long lived (and possibly immortal) characters such as Celestia and Luna exist as presumably mortal characters somewhere in their 30's to 40's in EQG. This prompted a train of thought expressed in the following rambling comment I made.

Yet more evidence that time is just all kinds of fucked up across that portal. Main characters are aged down to highschool, CMC are aged up to highschool freshmen, and Celestia and Luna, who are at least millennia old, are around as 30-40 something. Then there's the fact that Sunset Shimmer and Twilight seem to be the same age despite Sunset being Celestia's student and running off before Twilight got her cutie mark, meaning she's got to be at least something like 10 years older.

Maybe the highschool and surrounding town compose the entirety of the universe on that side of the portal and all of time is just restricted to about 4 years, which visitors from other time streams have to compress down to. Thus, time began in the EQG universe with the first day of highschool and ends with graduation. Either the universe ends and possibly restarts, or more likely, it's like approaching the speed of light and the differential time flow between reference frames keeps slowing. Time seems normal sitting on the EQG side, but an observer looking in sees time flowing more and more slowly. A minute to an hour, then a minute to a day, a year, then thousand years, etc., to the point where it takes an eternity to reach the end. So you will never actually reach graduation because highschool is the entirety of existence and there is nothing outside of it.

Now I almost want to make a one shot for this like I did with "Pinkie Pie is an Eldritch Abomination", which got crazy ridiculously popular for some reason and bounced around the top 20 spots on the site ranking for a brief period a while back. I take those numbers with a grain of salt because there's some pretty bizarre math applied to them and fics with very low downvotes can slide up and down a few hundred spots pretty quickly, but it was fun seeing it hit 2nd for a minute (wish I'd screen capped it).

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I still say that the EQG dimension is a weird fucked up prison alternate reality thing Starswirl tried and kind of failed to create.

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