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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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Travelling Update 03 August 2015 · 5:00am Aug 4th, 2015

Tonight, I sleep in my own bed for the first time in about a week. Then, tomorrow, I fly out to the US for about a week to attend my grandfather's memorial.

When I get back, it's go time on writing, and I have a tiny light of hope.

Voice still isn't doable on its own. It may be a long time before it is. But while travelling, I discovered an option that could, potentially, augment it.

I've been using my tablet extensively lately. It's been too hot to use anything else. I only got this recently. My intent was to remote into the laptop while said laptop was stored somewhere else, and use voice remotely to stay cool. But I discovered something, and that is the SwiftKey keyboard.

This uses the same kind of input ability as Swype. I can use my finger, thumb, or a stylus and glide it across the glass, which is a very different kind of motion from typing. It doesn't seem to produce as much of the same kind of stress on my wrist as typing does.

That being said, it does still cause some wrist pain. Not as much as regular typing, but enough to need Tylenol to do it. This means there is a strong possibility that this is yet another false hope about to be yanked away from me by a cruel universe. So, no one get their hopes up yet, especially me.

There are other downsides as well. I get hand cramps and arm tiredness after around 700 words. I need to break at that point. Also, Autocorrect is going to eat things. That being said, it has one big advantage, and that is the fact that nothing says I have to use it exclusively. I can do 600 words with the gliding keyboard, then switch to voice for a while (say, 400 words), then switch back as my hand recovers. Between the two methods, 2500 words per day is entirely realistic here and now. Perhaps as high as 3000, even. With lots of voice lessons, getting that number to 4000, the minimum I need to work on Rites and produce original content, becomes possible eventually.

Again, this could start to hurt my wrist and make me stop at any time. This is by no means a sure thing long term. But it'll work for the near future.

So, a tiny light of hope. Emphasis on tiny.

I did get some writing done while on the road. About 3500 words. All with the tablet. I'll try to do more when I can in the US. No promises, though. Again, I'm super worried this is yet another false hope. Stick with me, guys. It's all I can ask.


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Comments ( 12 )

Safe travels to the States, and I'm sorry for your recent loss. :(

*sends good vibes*

I swear by SwiftKey myself, though more for the predictions and less for the Swype style typing. The vast majority of the comments I leave on made on a mobile device, and all of those are written with SwiftKey.

Does thumb typing with a software keyboard make a difference for your pain problems, or are you solely using it for the Swyping?

Hey—we're more worried about you.

Take your time; pay attention to your family, first, and mind your health.

If we, your fans, truly care (and we do!), then we will understand.

We have all been, are, and/or will be there, both health-wise and family-wise. Take your time, let your heart heal, and let your hand rest when it needs to.

Ponywords are good and all, but not worth your family time or your extended health and well-being.

Take your time, and God bless your family and you.

Sorry for your loss but you still try to continue on this story for people who obsess over ponies I can't imagine even continuing the story if something similar happened to me so I feel the need to thank you for your hard work on this story even through times of hardship please don't strain yourself too much over this we can always wait

Sorry for your loss, CV. Take your time, and don't push yourself if you need to rest or take a break. We'll be here for you.

for swiftkey or swype couldnt you use your other hand for that ? i understand some people cant but its a thought?

Good luck!

Glad you have found another method that could help! remember to rest your hand when you use your voice, and perhaps have something to soak it in while using your voice.

This has probably been discussed before (and I may have said the same thing before), but I'm wondering if there are braces of some kind that you can put on your wrists designed to prevent the kind of stress you want to avoid.

I hope it works out for you!

I am sleep deprived and have not yet fead through your blog posts, so please excuse me if I seem rude or insensitive.

Have you considered using swift key "earth pony style"? Using your mouth might be slower than using hands or voice, but it might help to get that word count up.

Good luck to you in any case. I really hope this works out.

Obvious question, maybe, but have you tried those ergonomic keyboards or mice?

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