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Just Had My First "If You Give a Little Love"-Related Dream... · 2:48am Aug 4th, 2015

...and it was freakin' twisted. And also surprisingly plot-relevant.

Now, I'm used to having strange dreams about my characters. One of them once involved two of my IRL OC villainesses fusing into a giant dragon. Stuff like that isn't that weird to me anymore. But this thing that happened last night...hoo boy.

Basically, what went down was, for some reason or another and without any warning, somepony ended up stealing a kiss from Coco, anime-style. If it had been Scene, the only thing about it that would've weirded me out was that he would be so forward with her (as I don't imagine him being that type; he'd likely wait until she was ready or he'd be too concerned about somepony else seeing). No, it was Mosely Orange of all ponies. The two least shippable ponies in my fic suddenly kissing in my dream. If you're like me, you're probably wondering what kind of situation would lead something like this to happen.

The worst part is this: this whole snafu may have given me an idea for a new mini-arc. How I'd originally planned things to go was this: the next few parts would deal with Scene trying to deal with increased demands from his producer and the actors/actresses being put under similar pressure to get this play down, and about three parts later, we'd cut to the play's first staging for a test audience, which would be the equivalent of a MLP two-parter because everything goes very wrong. Nothing would've really been in between the Scene arc and the "Show Must Go On" arc; originally there was going to be a subplot about ponies protesting the play, but I figured it'd take focus away from our main characters.

But then I thought to myself, "You know what could go really well in a story about showbiz? A production scandal."

Now, we've seen how dirty Mosely is prepared to get to keep Scene under wraps. And for all those worried, I have absolutely no plans of making this a Mature rated story, as I myself would be a bit uncomfortable writing anything extremely risque about higher-ups taking advantage of their position. What it will likely be limited to is Mosely realizing that Scene's still showing doubts about adhering to his plan, the cast and crew going to a dinner party where you take an invite, and Mosely deciding to see what happens if he chooses Coco as the invite. Coco, having still never met Mosely, takes it as an opportunity to make him see that she isn't such a bad pony after all and accepts. The two basically get into a fairly normal conversation while everypony else is looking and when they're not, he starts getting flirty with her. Then Coco flips her lid and possibly gets the angriest we've ever seen her, getting into Mosely's face about how "oh, you say you're going to fire me but when nopony else is looking, you start hitting on me." It doesn't go beyond a stolen kiss one night, but still creepy enough to be considered office harassment, and still enough to nail it in that, for all the accusations of harassment Scene may someday face (and might already face), the way he feels about Coco is not the same as what a creepy boss would do.

Feeling that he's already freaked Scene out enough, Mosely doesn't try the same thing again for fear of being caught. He doesn't have any real feelings for Coco beyond wanting to get a rise out of his director. Nevertheless, I still would like permission to do it, as it could be potentially creepy territory, but know that if it does go through, I will handle it sensitively and use it to convey a message that doesn't condone Mosely's actions at all. As for why all this couldn't have just been avoided by bringing Suri to the dinner--Suri/Mosely as a couple won't really last much longer. As for why...that'd be a spoiler. ;)

Also, just out of curiosity: there is a part at the very beginning of this whole mess when Mosely first meets Coco face-to-face for the first time that could possibly offend readers more than the scandal itself: he mutters under his breath that, for all the holdup she's unknowingly causing, her physical appearance as a mare is rather plain and he doesn't see how ponies could possibly be attracted to her. I'm somewhat curious as to whether readers will be left more disgusted by Mosely putting moves on her or by her being labeled as unattractive. This is meant somewhat as a joke, somewhat as something I'd actually like to know. Please respond with any complaints/responses and I hope you all have a nice day. :)

Comments ( 7 )

It sounds like an incredibly coherent side plot to the story. And if that does end up happening, Mosley needs a nice slug to the face :ajbemused:

And you don't need permission from us! This is your fic, girl. Own it, and do what you feel is right.

And Coco is not plain. Just look at that hair and her super cute little collar and tie(?). It's freaking adorable!!!


To be honest, the permission thing was more to make sure that none of my followers had been in a situation like this. If someone would be triggered by this, I think it'd be better not to write it.

And I'm pretty sure calling Coco plain would elicit a response similar to "making Fluttershy cry" in the fandom. I'll laugh so hard if I get five comments getting mad at Mosely just for that.

But anyway, this is already a story that covers social issues, and I feel that covering this sort of thing would mesh with that pretty well. Producers and directors (heck, anyone in a large position) can get into shenanigans like Mosely, and I feel that stuff like that needs to be addressed in a story about showbiz. Things can, unfortunately, get into this sort of scandal all too often, and all too often not quite this toned-down.

And believe it or not, this isn't even the worst thing I have planned for Mosely.


And that's a huge part of why I like this fic. I like that you're writing about the social issues and are getting down to the somewhat nitty gritty details. It makes it more compelling to me. I enjoy reading about the darker corners of humanity, even in pony form. Don't get me wrong, I love fluff and the light hearted stuff, but I also like the not-so-light stuff.

And not the worst planned for Mosley? Oooh, intrigue. My favorite :derpytongue2:


And I'm glad that's what attracted you to it. :)


Naww, you're gonna make me blush :P

(Hey, when's the next update? I finally caught up on everything I've been meaning to read. So now it's time to pester people since I hit a snag in my own writing xD)


Working on the new part right now. Not quite sure when it'll come out.


Cool, cool. You know, you're fun to talk to. :twilightsmile:

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