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That Time of Year Again (BRONYCON POST) · 9:20pm Aug 2nd, 2015

So remember last year when I told everyone here I'd be going to bronycon, spitting newbie officer stuff at you from the FOB Equestria Panel, and generally having a good time? Perhaps you also remember how I got PCS orders for that weekend, and had to redact all that.

Well this year, instead of a pile of papers mandating my move to a new base, I have a fistful of approved leave forms! So in short, if you want to meet me in person, I'll be on the FOB Equestria panel on Friday, and very happy to chat after the panel is over. (I still don't know exactly when it is, or what time, but they'll probably have all that published). Also, our band which will be playing at FOBCON (sign up if you haven't!!!) is likely to be playing on the renegade stage sometime Saturday. Look for 'Worst Princess'

But really, this will be a time to finally meet and catch up with all those friends. And you know what that means...

See you there!


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