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News on Who You Work For/ My Workload · 7:55pm Aug 2nd, 2015

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone! (or those who read my blog and/or are interested in Who you Work for.) I would like to apologize for the lateness of the newest chapter for Who you Work for... The reason I have not updated is because of two others fics I have been working on in my head and writing for quite some time. Because of this, I hope to have three chapters finished by next Sunday. That means a new chapter of Who you Work for AND two new short stories. I also have 2-3 one shot ideas I am messing with but those will come at a later time. I want to create two new stories so that I can test the work load I give myself.

I am an inspired artist who wants to do it all. I want to write, draw, and work on my YouTube series I have been trying to get rolling for the last three years (I am currently working on a new one right now). I also want to speed run games as a pass time to clear my head in the times I have artist block.

In short, I want to do four things that involve the internet and wanting to please my audience. It may be small, but an audience is and audience and an audience demands entertainment regardless.

I do hope that I can manage all four things while I look for a better and much more stable job than the current one I have (I will not disclose my current employment for those who ask) and get back into school because let me tell you, being 23 without a true clear path, it is hard to see what my future holds.

Just hope for the best in my path of an artist. Let's just see if I follow through with my promises. I have a tendency to not... but pray that that will change soon.

See you all in the next blog.
Peace out and freak out!

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That sure is a lot of work you are putting yourself under! I hope you feel you can manage and if you can't then I'm sure your fans will wait for you.

I'm not into let's plays but I'll wait to see what your stories are like. I may mostly read changeling stories but if its interesting enough I'll read other stuff too. :pinkiehappy:

Also I know how you feel. 24 with no uni degree and working minimum wage, kinda sucks. But my goal is focused on being together with my long distance boyfriend, no matter which country we have to end up living in.

3289992 Good for you and I will pray for the best you and your boyfriend can have.

My YouTube series isn't a let's play. I have done that for two and a half years and it ran it's course. The new series is more on the topic of video games. Look at my blog " A start of a few things (I would like at least ONE follower reply to this :3)" and you will see what I talk about.

Also, love the name and OC :pinkiecrazy:

3290728 Hehe thank you, I think I just hit it lucky with a good name and design for him. I always think the more simple the idea, the better in a lot of ways. He is a pony that makes burgers, fits perfectly within Equestria. Well also helped when they started putting burgers into the show itself.

Also I'll check out your blog post and learn more about what you are up to!

3291620 Simple is good :twilightsmile:

Don't feel obligated to watch my series, though. I just want you and my other readers know what else I do is all (though I don't mind if you watch it either :pinkiehappy:)

I plan to look into Work For eventually, any delays haven't been noticed by me. :twilightsheepish:

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