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August AMA · 10:23am Aug 2nd, 2015

Hope you had a good first of the month, friends. I've decided that every month I'm gonna do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) blog because 1. I like to interact with my followers and 2. answers questions from random internet strangers gives me the closest sensation to orgasm that I'll ever receive, so ask away. It can be stupid, profound, entertaining, silly, or serious. I'll answer anything at all for anyone and all.

Do note that similar questions will most likely get a single answer instead of individual ones.

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Are you secretly Shane Dawson? You are both brought to orgasm by strangers interacting with you on the internet.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Who be the best pone?

3288706 No, and call me a faggot if you will, but I love Shane. Back when I was but a little Reglet, my friends and I watched Shane all the time, and his humor influenced me greatly. His slightly off-color chastization yet reverence of pop culture has really stuck with me, and I think he's an all around okay guy. I'm not embroiled in Youtube drama bullshit, so maybe he actually is a baby molesting murderer. I could care less, though—the damage he did was done, and I love him for it.

3288707 Vanilla. I do love mint chocolate chip a lot though as well.

3288716 Rarity. I even have a thing on my userpage about it!

3288725 wait... Baby molesting murderer? What went on that I have not been informed of? Is it just a joke about him being bi?

3288726 no, it's a hyperbole on how much people tend to hate on youtubers who do things they don't like. People villainize the fuck out of folks just making shit online (that also happen to get payed for it). I never got internet hatedoms, especially for youtubers.

Haven't watched the video where he came out as bi... but honestly, who didn't see that coming? I'm pansexual myself so I don't give a shit about who he likes to fuck, I'm just saying that he didn't really hide it over the past 7 years.

Fuck, marry, kill: Bleedin, the Jews, Shane Dawson,

3288729 fuck the jews, got that circumcision life
Marry Shane, like you even have to ask, come on
kill Bleedin, to put him out of both his misery and ours


Who didn't see that coming?

Yeah, when he did I thought it was awesome. However, that makes another make YouTube vlogger gay, which will make slightly feminine make vloggers seem gay to others.

3288732 I don't even care
nothing wrong with being gay
nothing wrong with being feminine
nothing wrong with being a prissy faggot

If you were elected the supreme dictator of Fimfiction, and had the power to make any rules you wanted, what would you change. Would you be a benevolent overlord?

How does it really feel to have such a huge following? I'm honestly curious.

I asked this to RainbowBob and now I'm asking you.

What candy do you think would feel best being shoved up your butt?

What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is your favorite colour?

Top ten albums?

Do you play any instruments?

if you had the opportunity to read one of your fics to a celebrity of your choosing. Who would you read to, and which fic?

Why do you keep seeing these creatures in your dreams?


(Legit Question: If you could do a successful imitation of any author's style, who would it be and why?)

If you could marry a pony, who would you marry?

Do you ever listen to Johnny Cash?

What was the weirdest train of thought you've ever had?

Why is the fridge handle sticky?

What's a common attitude/view/stance people take on music that you find to be particularly ignorant or uninformed?

Have you ever seen a dolphin penis, and if not, do you want a picture?

3288820 What so you mean what the fuck is my problem? Some people feel insecure and can be bullied just because people think they are gay, it doesn't matter if they are, some people are real assholes to people they even slightly think might be gay. And whenever people think of vloggers, and the first thing that comes to mind is gay people, and they are extremely homophobic and stuff, you can get your ass kicked. I know I have.

3288737 I'd implement a more structured reviewing system. Most everything else on the site is pretty G. Free will, and all that.

3288742 Other than the inflated self importance, it's honestly pretty decent. I love that people have taken such an interest, but at the same time I have to reign myself in and remind myself that I'm not actually hot shit because a couple thousand bronies want my nuts. I do love having a semi-dedicated fanbase though, it's pretty nice. I think I probably would have moved on to something else if my fanbase wasn't so large—I'd still watch the show and all, but I probably wouldn't haven even written a tenth of the shit I have. It's also thanks to my following that I've been able to speak at two different panels at both the times BABScon has been held, and cons are experiences that I am grateful eternally for being able to have.

3288765 milk duds, pop 'em in one by one

3288841 Regidar
To eliminate overdone, unfunny references

3288904 I've got two Top Ten lists: contemporary and legacy. Legacy are albums that have solidified themselves as being instrumental to my love of music and my tastes, and contemporary are albums are ones that I currently consider to be my favorites

1. In Utero - Nirvana
2. The Bends - Radiohead
3. The Lonesome Crowded West - Modest Mouse
4. The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
5. Folie à Deux - Fall Out Boy
6. Hospice - The Antlers
7. Pretty. Odd. - Panic! At The Disco
8. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
9. Siamese Dream - The Smashing Pumpkins
10. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel


1. Deathconsciousness - Have A Nice Life
2. Sunbather - Deafheaven
3. Lift Yr Skinny Fists - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
4. The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths
5. Deja Entendu - Brand New
6. Pinkerton - Weezer
7. Can't Maintain - Andrew Jackson Jihad
8. Exmilitary - Death Grips
9. Where You Want To Be -Taking Back Sunday
10. Whenever, If Ever - The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

I do play instruments—not very well. I know basic guitar and piano, and VERY basic music theory. Once I get my friend who knows how to mix stuff a few of my tracks, I'll post music in a blog for everyone to listen to.

3288947 I'd read "Our Love Is Golden" to Nicolas Cage, because of course I would. Actually, I'd read any fic involving a celebrity to that celebrity.

3289477 why is it that the more that you say the less I understand what you're saying

3289040 Daniel Handler, better known by his pen name of Lemoney Snicket. That's a perfect style that balances depressive bleakness with dry humor and mystery and I fucking wish I could imitate it perfectly. I've made attempts in the past to varying degrees of success... but something's missing. I just don't have that Snicketness.

3289083 even though Rarara is my fave, I'd have to marry Flutters. She's got better life goals.

3289133 I have heard his cover of Hurt, which I dislike. Nine Inch Nails' original version is much better, and I'm aware I'm in the minority here. I wouldn't be adverse to listening to Cash in more detail, though.

3289579 I was, and still an really tired from when I wrote both of those comments. I apologize for looking really stupid. I was meaning that sensitive vloggers who are straight, would get attacked and hated on because they "Might"be gay. It makes it to where it is a stereotype that male vloggers are gay. Which means all feminine make vloggers could be verbally attacked more often because of the stereotype. And yes, stereotypes are stupid. But, the people that would attack someone because are gay, would think stereotypes are true.

Okay so what if you, some homeless man high on a cocktail of bath salts, mdma, k, acid, and cocaine, and me were stuck in a hot air balloon that is heading off course over the atlantic ocean, and the homeless man somehow able to stand, pulls out a knife and starts cutting the basket were in off the balloon, then I, thinking this homeless man has the right idea, help him by chewing on the wires. You are armed with a 9mm pistol and only have 0 bullets. What would you do.

3289219 that's like asking what the oddest breath you ever took was
they are so numerous and so often that I couldn't remember them all
I'm not trying to cop out, I literally cannot recall what anyone would classify as "the oddest" because I have extremely odd trains of thought all the time

3289234 because you didn't wash your hands
time to go back to kindergarten

3289270 referring to Imagine Dragons as "indie" is one of them. I dunno, I know there are things that annoy me related to this but none of them are coming to my mind.

3289280 I'm really fond of It's About Time, but picking a favorite episode ever is kind of difficult. Season 1 gives me nostalgia so bad my head hurts, season 2 has so many episodes that are so close together that it's too difficult to discern, season 3 is too short, season 4 happened too soon ago for me to formulate a coherent opinion and season 5 isn't over yet. But I really do love It's About Time.

3289344 I have in fact seen a dolphin penis, and I never turn down an opportunity to see one.

3289689 die

3288725 those are also my favorite flavors of ice cream. :pinkiegasp:
After those there is cookies and cream, choco chips, and coffee tho.:trollestia:
3288731 so you mean f#$@ in the sexual sense? :trollestia:

3289493 what do you mean by pretty G?
3289593 what life goals does Fluttershy have and why does it matter?

3289689 :trollestia::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:


Your opinion of Cash's cover of Hurt is invalid, btw. Nine Inch Nails "gave" it to him, and if you listened to more of Cash and knew more about him, you'd appreciate it more. Cash's Hurt, hurts.

Also I didn't have anything better to ask. D:

But no, in all seriousness. Do you read fics here with any regularity, and what's your favorite one / author?

Animuu. Hate it or love it?


What is the dankest meme you have?

3289932 No one's opinion is invalid. And it doesn't matter if NIN "gave" hurt to Cash, I still don't like it. Hurt is pointless without its context in The Downward Spiral, and Cash's Hurt is another lame country song to me. I simply don't like it, and it doesn't appeal to me.

3290118 Hate weeaboos, and most anime is lame to me. I liked DBZ back in middle school, and I like One Piece. Not caught up with it though. Chinese cartoons don't interest me.

3290458 I have a 1.6 gigabyte folder full of rare pepes

3289805 1. yes
2. pretty aight, homie
3. animals and that's pretty alright with me

3289954 I don't read too much here, but Shortskirtsandexplosions has always been a favorite of mine. The Austraeoh saga has got to be my favorite fanfic series.

why does this fandom still exist? what is our purpose?

has any ponyfic, that you have personally read, done so well in one area as to make the most out of the other involved pieces of the story that could be put together in such a way that if they were all observed at once we would be most able to go so far as before?

am i kawaii.

Have you accepted the light of Jesus Christ our lord and savior into your heart and life?
Do you like me?
Should I try and tackle Austraeoh, working as much as I do?
will you ever read anything I write?
Whose dick do I have to suck to sit at the populat table?

3293271 our purpose is to enjoy ponies until we die

Yes, but only one

mochi mochi desu

3293982 nah, jesus was a cool dude but his fanclub pisses me off
I am neutral
Yeah, it may take a while but if you read 10-15 chapters a night you'll make it through in a few months. Just set small goals.
I dunno, what do you recommend?
I've done a surprisingly little amount of dick sucking and yet here i am

3294576 Well honestly... I dunno. People seem to like Drop, and WYD has been well-received. But What You Deserve is just starting out, and Drop is well... eh...

3296009 i'll czech 'em

... that's funny you say that. WYD! Lightning Dust is Czech.

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