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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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    I think you should never let a pony boop you.

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    Futurama's Third Return

    So what are your thoughts on this? I have mixed feelings. The second return of Futurama had some good episodes. But also really awful ones like the Futurama Holiday Spectacular. I dare say it's the worst Futurama episode ever. Like what the hell were they thinking?

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    Clockwork2003 needs help. Has cancer.

    A fellow Brony Clockwork2003 has hit hard times. They have cancer. They requested I make a blogpost. Naturally, I could not turn down their request. One day, I could be sick or something, so at the very least I should help them.

    Link to their blog for more info: Clockwork2003 blog.

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    Who is favorite pony of the mane six?

    For me personally, it has to be Twilight Sparkle. She melted my cold, bitter, cynical heart. And made me less of a nihilistic jerk. But what about you? A close second would be Pinkie Pie.

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    Assuming Rainbow Dash to be gay?

    Just one thing, you can have your Rainbow Dash in your story whatever sexuality you want. All stories are alternate universes in a way. I even like lesbian Rainbow Dash. So, this is not a homophobic rant.

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Fluffurama · 9:16pm Aug 1st, 2015

This Futurama MLP crossover video by FluffyMixer brought a smile to my face.

Comments ( 3 )

That is amazing. And the ending is adorable~

With Fry feeding Fluffe! That is just...so cute!

Why was there a fry's dog in the mlp version... WHY!?

All hail Hypno-Gummy!

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