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"Fragile and easily startled. If you move too fast he gets scared and hides under the bed." -Aragon

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Monsters · 5:08pm Jul 31st, 2015

Click above! The wonderful art is made by NCMares!

So when the stars are right, you’ll come and do your worst
But that’s okay because I know you’ll save the cultists like me first
When you get here
I know that day is drawing near
I have no fear

Oh, it’s what you'll do for me
Oh, and everypony
Oh, when your prison just won’t be
Oh, kill everyone slowly

Today's the release of Monsters, right on the blue moon. I strongly suggest you check it out, it's been a long project that was conceived years ago. It's the prequel to the very famous story of Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift but the original is not required to be read beforehand; if anything, it's better to read the prequel first (Which is kinda rare, it seems). Just click the picture!

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