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Better editing! · 1:50am Jul 31st, 2015

Machinations in the Dark is getting a makeover.

Finally hitting the first couple of chapters hard, and getting some good edits. Check back in the next few days. The first chapter is already done. Second will be done tomorrow.

New chapter is being edited as well. I'm back on track, guys!

Comments ( 7 )

Wooooo hooooo closure/continuation. I gotta know how this ends or at the very least what happened to AJ and the others. Please don't be dead!!!!


And oh man, I am working on my plotboard about them right now. I'm super psyched, super psyched!

Bout time. I had almost forgotten about the story

3283966 Yeah, I understand that. A hell of a lot happened in the past two months, but gearing down to slam back into a two week schedule.

Partly wanting to finish the edits because people have expressed desire to reread and the first few chapters are terrible... Must edit them.

3283974 Confusing and illogical maybe. But not terrible.

I beileve originals are almost always better than the rewrites. But that's just me. I want to see more of Sombra/Star Swirl, the human, and the world.

3283983 That you'll get. Oh, and not rewrites, editing to clean up what's there. Making sure not to undo the content. Maybe make things a little more logical without sacrificing anything.

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