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nightmare mist pony

hello my dear my name is princess pancake pony im going to lick you're soul and eat you

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    a gift


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    new name

    no longer princess pancake pony now nightmare mist pony

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    sorry for all the blogs but this is almost the last one

    wanted to see ifyou liked my new picture it plus i have something for all if you to enjoy :raritywink: also so for not talking to most of you as much anymore just haven't been up to talk so sorry about that and for the blogs as well im not really that good of a friend so forgive me or not thats up to you yep so have a great day i know im not very nice to most of you there's nothing i can say

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  • 383 weeks

    name nightmare mist

    sex male

    race alicorn

    age 2463

    likes pancakes other ponies apple cider art foals bloodshed classical music

    sexual bisexual
    thats all i have

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  • 383 weeks
    hey little help with nameing my oc

    do i keep it princess pancake pony are nightmare mist

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im gonna stop · 2:48pm Jul 30th, 2015

hey i know my blogs are makeing some of you mad or unhappy with me so im gonna stop for a bit k

also sorry

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You do what you wanna do Princess.


how would make others angry?? i havent been able to talk to anybody since my phone is a jerk.

How would a blog make somepony angry if it isn't rude or controversial?

Really? :rainbowhuh:
I have yet to see any haters

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