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Attention, fellow animation lovers, attention! · 12:45am Jul 30th, 2015

I should not have to refer to myself officially as "an oldster," but considering the average age of the fandom I suppose I qualify.

So, before some of you out there were born, there was another well-written, well-animated cartoon out there... though far less pastel-equine oriented.

A very solid show cut down in its prime after the management changed hands (I maintain that it was a spite-killing on the part of one Ted Turner to promote barely-competing pet project Captain Planet.)

Well, 20 years later, the Tremblay brothers are trying to bring it back!

Go back it, and let's bring more well-crafted animation to the airwaves! Let's show them that bronies support all sorts of quality programming!

Comments ( 5 )

I used to watch that every morning. Then had a panic attack when my mom said that I can't watch it any more.

I didn't understand that shows could be cancelled.

Well, now's your chance to rectify that injustice!

(And maybe pick up a copy of the original show!)

3280797 I do not have money...

Fair enough. Still, spreading the word helps!

Wait, SWAT Kats got cancelled in favor of Captain Planet? Captain Freaking Planet, the stupidest superhero show ever made?

Now I have another reason to hate Jane Fonda. Wasn't betraying her own country enough evil for one lifetime?

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