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Is anypony here good with speadsheet programing? · 1:04am Jul 29th, 2015

I use an OpenOffice spreadsheet to keep track of my FiMF database, but it has a really odd error. I was wondering if I could get some help with it.

Report Thorniestmax · 237 views · #Help request
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Comments ( 9 )

Google docs has a spread sheet.

3278223 I need it offline, and their offline thing doesn't work for me.

What I need is someone who'll take a look at it, and figure out what's wrong. It shouldn't be having this error, but it does. I have an effective and simple workaround, but I want to know why it's doing what it's doing.

I can fill in the blanks on a sheet someone else created, but that's about it. I never really ran into a lot of situations where I had to learn spreadsheets.

I can, at least, offer a suggestion for a replacement to your software, since OpenOffice is no longer in development and has been effectively dead for three years now. Just about everybody who was working on tweaks and improvements for that has moved on to LibreOffice, which is also free and still gets updates released for it.

3278332 That's... weird. I still get update requests every now and then for it. I'll ask Tom if we can check out LibreOffice.

It is a multi-page spreadsheet, that call back and forth from different pages, based on data entered. The odd thing is: on the main sheet (what should be sheet 1) it calls part of the information from sheet 2. However, if there is not a sheet before sheet one, the first six calls fail. Only the fist six. and only if there is not a sheet before sheet 1.

Maybe the error is caused by a problem with OpenOffice, but it didn't used to have a problem.

If Tom gives me the green light with LibreOffice, I will try it there, and see if it still has the same problems.

I use several spreadsheets daily, as long as the computer's working.

Well, going back to that Wikipedia item I linked, it looks like there may be some folks still in the OpenOffice camp -- but the bulk of developers moved over to LO.

3278728 Tom gave the green light, since it has an active dev team, portable installation, and large fanbase.

3278728 *pouts* But it requires almost 500 megs of space. We have to free up space first.

Um, are you sure you're on the right page? I'm reading 214 megs for one version, 216 for the other -- and you only need one of the two.

3278746 Because of the high drive failure rate of our computers, we only use potable applications. The portable application of LO from https://www.libreoffice.org/download/portable-versions/ is 125 MB, and extracts to 427 MB. I only have 146 MB free after downloading the portable exe.

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