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Aegis Shield vs. Cleverbot (2) · 10:15pm Jul 28th, 2015

A: Do you like Princess Luna?
C: Princess Luna is not a villain.
A: No she isn't.
C: Isn't what?
A: Princess Luna isn't a villian.
C: Princess Luna was a villian - Nightmare Moon.
A: Yes.
C: Twilight Sparkle is best princess.
A: Why?
C: She is the Princess of Friendship.
A: Do you like Princess Celestia?
C: Yes, Princess Celestia is my second favorite Princess.
A: What do you like about Princess Celestia?
C: I love her!
A: You love Princess Celestia?!
C: Same. I like Princess Luna more than Princess Celestia.
A: What do you think of Princess Cadence?
C: I think Princess Luna is better.
A: Who is best pony?
C: Twilight Sparkle is smartest pony.
A: Who is best PONY?
C: Best pony is best pony.
A: Would you like to live in Canterlot?
C: I would love to visit Canada but I wouldn't live there.
A: What do you think of Fluttershy?
C: Fluttershy is a lovely character and I admire her voice actor.
(Phantom AI says Twilight is Best Princess!)

A: How can we achieve world peace?
C: World Peace is a bad thing, and shouldn't be solved.
A: Why?
C: Because you're awesome.
(Phantom AI thinks I should keep the world at war!)

A: I want to ask Princess Luna out on a date, what should I do?
C: Princess Luna is evil.
C: Should I use soap?
(I am two seconds from kicking Phantom AI's digital ass!)

A: Is Rainbow Dash a lesbian?
C: Rainbow Dash is not a filly silly foolerific.
(I... well.... k.)

A: Who will Big Macintosh Marry?
C: He's not cute, but still adorable.
A: Will Big Macintosh get married?
C: Fluttershy likes to bite him.
(Oo la la!)

A: What are you wearing?
C: I am wearing a battlesuit.
A: What is your battlesuit made of?
C: Society is my battle.
A: What?
C: Luna says be still.

This thing is getting too smart for its own good.... >___>

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A: Would you like to live in Canterlot?
C: I would love to visit Canada but I wouldn't live there.

Well... on behalf of CANterlot Conventions... I'm not sure if I should be offended or not.

That's impressive, terrifying, and hilarious, all at the same time.

Clev: Second best pony is Pinkie Pie.
Me: If Rarity is best pony and Pinkie Pie is second best, who is third best?
Clev: Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash are all best pony?
Me: Rainbow Dash molests Scootaloo.
Clev: Scootaloo.
Me: Rainbow Dash molests Scootaloo because she likes the taste of chicken.
Clev: Rainbow Dash is now my favorite pony.

Uhhh, I was just messing around Clever ... but thanks for the information, I guess?

Sorry about the tastelessness of this Aegis, but I thought it was a bit funny.


>Twilight Sparkle is best princess.
>Celestia is second best.
>I like Luna over Celestia.

Logic overhaul incoming!

Great! Now I had just spend half an hour (literally, no kidding) discussing the "Who is best pony"-question with an artificial intelligence!

Everything just because of your post!
Are you happy now?

Vhat is cleverboit though?

3278987 It's an AI that you can go and talk to via chat. It gives semi-sensical answers, regardless of the topic. But it also learns over time to make itself sound more human. Or at least its supposed to. XD


The trolling capabilities sound too damn high! (bonus points if you spot the reference)

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