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  • 13 weeks
    Free Bookmarks [Update: I'm Out]

    I printed 500 Ponyfeather Publishing bookmarks to give away at last year's BronyCon:

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    9 comments · 267 views
  • 15 weeks
    Black Lives Matter

    If you disagree, let me know in the comments.

    If you have the means, consider donating.

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    32 comments · 450 views
  • 29 weeks
    Everfree Northwest

    Just wanted to say I'll be attending Everfree Northwest! I've always wanted to go to EFNW because they seem to really respect and care about the fanfic side of the community, and it's looking like this year's the year. Plane and hotel booked, badge acquired. Hoping I get to meet some new faces and see some old friends again.

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    9 comments · 221 views
  • 41 weeks
    Ponyfeather Publishing Updates

    A few items I wanted to cover, especially of interest to a) international customers and b) other authors here who are self-publishing through Lulu.

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    20 comments · 371 views
  • 42 weeks
    [Ponyfeather Publishing] Lulu Cyber Monday 30% Off

    If you need more physical horse words in your life, use code CYBERMONDAY30 at checkout to get 30% off before shipping!

    This is good for any book on Lulu, whether they're Ponyfeather Publishing titles or produced by Friends of PFP, so stock up!

    2 comments · 138 views

Signal boost: PiquoPie's Dual Stories mechanic · 2:42pm Jul 28th, 2015

PiquoPie has a new fic out that implements an interesting/clever storytelling mechanic that I've not personally seen anyone else use. If you have a few minutes, drop by and check it out.

Report RBDash47 · 342 views · #signal boost
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