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Guess who just got Dark Souls 2 · 10:32pm Jul 27th, 2015

This guy:rainbowdetermined2:

And I've only died.... Nine times so far:rainbowkiss:

Though only three of those were from enemies while the rest were from me trying to run and jump across that stupid gap in the little tutorial area :flutterrage:
lost 1200 souls cause of that

And before ya'll say it I know what I'm in for... I'm prepared to die


And die.


And die some more


And a bit more after that

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Congrats! I myself just picked up Bloodborne. :twilightsmile: Good luck, and praise the sun!


I'm prepared to a twitchy nervous bastard after this:pinkiecrazy:

Dark Soul... is that game who's only purpose is to kill you, yes?



And it does its job damn well:rainbowlaugh:

Why else would the special edition be called prepare to die

Man now I'm reminded about that dark souls fic I never got out :pinkiesad2:
I didn't play this series for years and die multiple times on new game +7 for this nightmare that hasn't been slain.
Also let me say that most enemies are weak to strike weapons and you can actually parry with your fists.
Have fun :trollestia:

(Each dlc also goes by the concept of having: a shit boss, a hard boss, and an epic boss. My favourite is the Ivory King. Ahh... crossover ideas.)


It's just a vanilla version of the game

3274861 All the better the ice cream at the end shall be.

3274861 I also tried speedrunning it but it's what I find to be a different experience compared to how Dark Souls speedruns go.

I just ended up getting a crap ton of souls to do a dual-smelter sword fat-roll armor build with high endurance to do 4 swings with a two handed attack with one of the swords and stamina regen nonsense.
Not only did my poise save my ass (Ivory King set, a pain to get) but saving my dual-build when my opponent does something cheap/is a worth adversary the brilliant use of pulling out two swords and slamming them in a ground resulted in what I call a 'Fiery Rainbow Explosion' which can kill instantly. The issue is it screws up durability and I need to buy repair powder and this game relies on Soul Memory for matchmaking instead of soul level.

Yeah, screw Hexers. :trollestia:

Favorite game, and I can't wait for the third. In all honesty, I hope it's much harder (and from what I heard, it's going to be)

I'm trying to get to NG+7 on a new profile before I leave for basic. I'm on 4 right now.

Don't die too much now, ya hear.


You're going into the military?

3277128 yup yup. Leave next month.


I can say that I'm finding Heide's tower of flame to be a bitch just due to the fat fuckers outside

3278480 It gets worse in ng+ or the Scholar of the First Sin edition
Btw you can totally cheese the boss there, I'm sure you can figure out how :trollestia:.


I can take out the sword dudes but the club guy is a pain:ajbemused:

3280140 You'll be surprised that your shield actually stops their certain large attacks without depleting too much stamina if your shield is decent.
Burn any sublime bone dusts in Majula and get those estus flask shards asap. The ultimate pve cheese weapons involve dual-wielding clubs/maces/large clubs or going something like dual rapiers. You'll be op by the end and have more than enough Sunny D.
Let me know how things progress.


I don't even know what sublime bone dust is XD

And I'm paranoid that every mist wall is a boss XD


Beat my first boss on the third try:yay:

The last giant was far too easy

3286391 Nice, I wonder who your second boss shall be. The possibilities are endless! (It's actually 3 at this point if I recall, 4-5 depending how much you believe in your HP).
Adaptability is a handy attribute, you get diminishing returns once it hits 110, a good amount unless you're like me and spam it unintentionally past that to extend invincibility frames so I can fat roll through hell. :trollestia:

Last I remember I was trying to do a Dragonslayer build. But Ornstein's armor isn't in the game.
Beyond that I did a really crappy LoL Udyr dual-claw build that only works on scrubs.

I stick with my 99 strength builds though.


I already had my #2 and it was the dragonrider and I beat him with half health :rainbowdetermined2:

3286515 He's the boss you can cheese.


I just kept circling and hitting him with a mace

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