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Kitty Cat, eh~ · 3:24am Jul 27th, 2015

So, I use to do some animating stuff back in highschool for a few years, eh. And from an experienced animator's viewpoint I can see so much wrong with this video in terms of optimizing the rig, clothes layering and physics, but no one cares, eh. Blake is cute despite me not liking cats, eh.

Report Tue-moi · 321 views · #RWBY
Comments ( 36 )

3272623 Have I ever told you that your avatar is killing me, eh?


*uses a laser pointer*

3272636 I love laser pointers, eh! :D

*points the laser at Pat's breasts*

*nosebleeds and waits for Bella to jump at Pat's breasts*

3272676 Those breasts are well supported, eh. :eeyup: Without the top the cat would fall, because the boobs would sag, eh.

I was just about to comment on that. What kind of bra is that powerful?

3272688 Wired bras, eh. The metallic wires would usually help, eh.

Huh, so that's why wired ones exist. I thought they were hated because they tended to poke in tender areas.

3272699 They do poke us, eh. Bras with thick shoulder straps would support the kitty too, eh.

So, there's a science behind the bras?

3272710 I think bra engineers are a thing, eh...

3272717 Yes, I believe those are a real thing, eh.

Hopefully they aren't as scary as Vagnieers

3272749 Aaaaaaaah! :raritydespair: Dead!:fluttershyouch:

The reason the animation is so shite is because it's made with MMD. They're known for not always being high quality, at least to me.

3272754 Vagineers are scurry, eh.

3272755 I actually messed around in MMD before, and it's not great, eh. You have to push random buttons and keys until you figure something out, and eventually you might be able to animate something OR you can use those pre-made animated sequences you can download, eh....

Indeed. :eeyup:
Just be glad it wasn't Panis Cupcake.

3272770 I'm glad, eh... :fluttershyouch:

3272764 Well, that's what i'd call bad design. Not even a built in tutorial or something?

3272789 I think there is a tutorial, but it's not working very well, eh.

I take it that you are familiar with Panis Cupcake.

3272793 TF2 is weird sometimes, eh...

3272807 Well for me it's sometimes, eh.

Always weird from where I'm sitting.

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