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  • 124 weeks

    Cross-post from Tumblr;

    Just a sketch.

    He’s supposed to vaguely resemble a humanized Dusk Shine, and the colors allude to that. The image is an abstraction for certain types of anxiety I tend to feel quite a lot.

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  • 160 weeks
    Sketching and the creative process.

    Sketching and the creative process.

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    Recent Tumblr updates!

    So, there have been a few new posts to the Ask Asylum Twilight tumblr lately. A message from one of my readers via Patreon made me realize how foolish I was to let the tumblr slide in to inactivity in the way that it did. So I've been getting back in to the swing of things with it.

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  • 169 weeks
    New commission for Rated Ponystar!

    I've been working on this one for a while, and it is finally done!

    Rated Ponystar commissioned this comic a while back. Featuring Applejack and Rara/Coluratura. Looks like some AppleRatura is in their future!


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    A few photographers that everyone should see pt. 1. Houses and flying plates.

    I really should blog more often. Anyway, since imgur is no longer an option for posting my own stuff on here, I'll just have to talk about something else until I settle on a better solution. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite photographers, because photography is an art form that needs more proper appreciation.

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New drawing: Snowball's OC! · 7:40am Jul 26th, 2015

Hello there! New drawing time. This is Snowball's OC, Snowball.

A few things. First, I will be posting a different version in the near future. This is a scan of the drawing. I will also be photographing it with my DSLR, as my scanner is having issues capturing all the subtleties of the colors. Hopefully I can address that When it is photographed I will post a compare and contrast.

Anyway. Yep. The hoers tripped on the rock! This was a fun drawing to work on, and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome, though I think a few things could be better. Head below the break for the lineart.

Lineart. There's some more stuff to show, including early sketches as I was working out how things would look. Those will be posted, as well as an alternate version of the image, with the compare and contrast post once I take the picture.

I have several more things to post in the future, so be on the lookout!

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She's so pretty! I love him so much, Dreamy! :raritystarry:

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