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Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm good at writing.

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So, first off, I'm obligated to finish Cor Tuum Audire. I'm back in the flow of things and will continue to write the story until it's finished... But after that, then what?

Why, you all get to vote what I work on next, of course!

I made a Trello with a handful of my stories that are either published already, but not completed, stories that are just sitting in the back of my mind and have never seen the light of day, and even a story that was dead but has a chance to be revived!

So head on over to my Trello page if you care enough about my stories and want to have a hand in picking what I write after Cor Tuum Audire is completed!

IMPORTANT: Once a story is selected by you, whichever one has the most votes by the end of the week will be what I work on next until its completion (with the exception of Friendship Is 404, which will be an ongoing fic until MLP: FiM ends; if Friendship is 404 wins the vote, I'll simply put out one chapter, which is a whole episode). A story must have at least THREE votes in order to be considered in the lineup!

Please show me you care enough about my stories!


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What? I don't even know how to open a bonnet. My vote goes to The Darklands. There, done.

3274637 Yay, my very first vote after 82 people view it.

3274789 Chances are that there would be more votes if the title had "vote" in it, and when it wasn't via a very confusing site. :twistnerd:

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