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What would you do? · 4:27pm Jul 24th, 2015

I was trying to do a story based off of The last Pony On Earth.

3 times.... But I just can`t get myself to write it. I get bored, you could say. So instead of that, i`m just gonna put up what I would do if I were (human) alone on earth. HUMAN

1.Raid the houses on the back street of the neighborhood. Then our street. (don`t ask why:ajbemused:)
2 Free the animals from their homes (take maybe one:twilightsheepish:)
3 Raid the Kangaroo store near us (ten minutes away):derpytongue2:
4 Get a new car (SUV)
5 Find a way to download all kinds of youtube videos to my computer :rainbowkiss:
6 Buy games and song albums w/ random credit and debit cards:trollestia: (passwords? I`ll use my parent`s)
7 search up and download websites- find out where the nearest pound is
(sun set)
8 Immediately drive there (with my SUV) and free the animals from the pound
-keep up to 5 animals
9 On the way home stop by Pet Creations and hook up their horse trailer to my SUV (their trailers are really well designed, so mess ups are not likely)
10 raid the place!!!
11 Get their three horses into the trailer
12 feed the animals
(night time)
13 drive to the horse farm near our house (gee, a lot of stuff is near our house:applejackunsure:)
14 release two there -keep my fave, Max. He has a bad hoof condition and is healing from a tumor
15 put Max in our shed for the night, feed him
16 put the 5 animals in separate rooms, our cat`s with me (Baby)
17 sleep...?

Now of course I would eat... I just think that I don`t need to put that in there (a given task)

That`s just my plans for the first day, and I know that your`s are probably different! Please, write in the comments what you would do!

I will write a blog post on the second day later, I want to do it right now so bad, but i`ll wait.

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