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Not Dead on the Writing Front: Celestia's Drunk Newspaper Editorial · 8:55pm Jul 23rd, 2015

From an upcoming story, hopefully:

Alright so I'm a little drunk, okay, a bit of a lot drunk, and I know I don't make the wisest decisions while drunk, but I feel like I should inform all y'all about what goes on behind the celestial curtain that is the Canterlot Castle outer wall. I know whatever I write here, the Canterlot Sun-Tribune will publish, even if it's rubbish, because the paper is, in the words of the ever insufferable nobles, a "royalist rag" and a "lapdog to the crown". Well, I'm hear to confirm all the conspiracies, for this fine publication is indeed partial towards yours truly, the sparkliest pony this side of the Crystal Empire.
But that's not what I'm here to inform you about today.

A hearty thank you to my Patreon patrons Singularity Dream, ocalhoun, and Littlecolt!

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