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    I swear I'm not doing this on purpose, but... there will be a new chapter of Darkly tomorrow. At least 900 words, significant plot motion and character development. And it's all the product of yours truly.

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    OTOH, if anyone wants to get a Special Sneak Peek™ at the next chapter once I'm done with it, PM me or contact me on Skype ("spacecommie"), because I could use another editor.

    Thanks for reading!

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    SpaceCommie: This story is like Lunatics' fraternal twin brother separated at birth
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    Sharp Spark: Wait, really? Howso?
    SpaceCommie: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/222206/daybreak
    SpaceCommie: Shit dude, he's even using the same chapter naming convention as I am
    Sharp Spark: Wow. That's... really long

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A Deleted Scene · 3:38am Jul 23rd, 2015

I was looking through my old files on Google Drive and came across this, which didn't make it into The Lunatics because the characterization was wonky and I couldn't fit it into the plot properly. Still, I figured somebody might enjoy it.

"He's dead," Caballeron said. "For all intents and purposes, he is deceased. Every last scrap of vitality has been consumed. I don't see what you intend to gain by this farcical display of compassion, Ms Shine."

"Caballeron," Colgate said heavily, "shut up."

"We need to at least try," Moonshine insisted. "Would you want us to just ignore you if you were fed on, Caballeron?"

"No, I'd want you to put me out of my misery," Caballeron said. Colgate grinned wolfishly at him. He pretended to ignore her.

"Look," Moonshine said. "You said that he's been drained of his love, right?"

Caballeron groaned. "I suppose, yes."

"So," Moonshine said, "it stands to reason that we just need to give him some love."

Caballeron bit back a sneer. "I don't think so," he said in a tone of voice that said that there was no real room for debate. "It doesn't work like that."

"Oh, like you've even ever tried!" Moonshine cried.

Soarin raised a hoof. Moonshine smiled weakly at him. "Yes?"

He sighed. "It's cool that you want to try this, but none of us even know this guy. We can't... you know, love him. Even if you're right about how this works."

"I hate to agree," Colgate said, "but... yeah."

Moonshine didn't say anything for a second. "Princess Luna?"

Luna sighed. "Moonshine, I..."

Moonshine said, "You told me that—" She looked up at Luna. "Oh, I'm so sorry, you were talking and I interrupted, that was so disrespectful of me, and I promise I won't do it again, but I just—"

"I am not upset," Luna said. "What is it I said?"

Moonshine hesitated. "You told me that you loved all your subjects."

Caballeron snickered, earning a glare from Luna that could have scorched a hole in the wall.

"I dìd, but—"

"So," Moonshine said, "you can help him."

Luna leaned in towards Moonshine, and whispered, "I made that assertion in the process of assuring you that I would not eat you for having committed a typing error."

Moonshine looked very serious. "But Princess, did you lie to me?"

Luna hesitated. "No."

"Then try. Please."

"I will," Luna promised. "Now..."

"Clear the room," Colgate said. "The Princess wants her privacy. Got it. Soarin, Caballeron, the dining car has pie and classy drinks. Come on."

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