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  • 444 weeks
    Oh my gosh...

    Wow, its been a long time. A little too long.
    I have grown so much. I love it. Really.
    To see all those stories again that I made, even non-published ones. Wow...
    A combination of nostalgia and embarrassment, no wait scratch that one. A combo between nostalgia, curiosity AND humor.

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  • 570 weeks
    Upcoming Story...

    ''Alcohol has never bin so DangerPony-ous before...''

    Read it all in : C i D e R

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  • 573 weeks
    What Kind of Upcoming Story will be next?

    Well,after Finishing the Path of the seven sins....

    i think i'm gonna do a Midsummer Mystery Story

    ...if you have maybe any ideas....than just comment ^^

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  • 575 weeks
    [no title]

    Fuck yeah

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  • 583 weeks
    [no title]

    Upcoming Stories...

    The Window

    Treehouse Of Pony I

    The Path of The Seven Sins

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What Happens Next ? · 11:09pm Jan 16th, 2012

Upcoming Stories :

Treehouse of Pony Halloween Special

~~~~~~The Bucking -~~
Twilight and The gang Are Housevisiting The Canterlot Castle,But When Pinkie See There aint no,Sugar Cupcakes or Cookies are in the Castle....She Loses her mind
Pinkie goes insane and tries to kill her friends
Will they survive the Bucking?

~~~~You Gotta Know When To Gremlin -~~~~

Scootaloo,Applebloom and Sweetie Belle Are Heading To School in The School-Carriage.Till suddenly scootaloo sees a gremlin creature on the side of the carriage ,Causing damage to the wheels
Scootaloo tries to tell her friends but they dont believe her
Are the ponies going to believe scootaloo
or Are they dont Believe there future dead...
Will scootaloo go insane?

~~~~Night-MARE In Equestria~~

About 3 months ago,Fluttershy was killed by a bear thanks to somepony.She sweared that she will haunt the dreams of ponies to iternity till she finally have rest

now Twilight and the rest of her friends Are Getting more Nightmare's as usual
Featuring Fluttershy!!!
Will the pony gang beat fluttershy into there dreams?
or they going to have a sleep,but never wake up again?

My Little Future II = The Dimensions Crosses Again

[[[[In progress]]]]]

Rainbows Obsession

[[[in progress]]]

The Path of The Seven Sins
Cause of A Fight Between her friends Ponyville Get Send back in Time ...to the time of Knights,Dragons and Castles
They Must Walk The Path of The Seven Sins To Reach The Key to go back to their own time.
But the path is dangerous
Will everypony stay alive and ignore the sins.....or will they give over to there sin and Turn into a statue

Will they survive The Path of the seven sins

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