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I enjoy manly beards, ponies and the occasional glass of scotch.

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  • 282 weeks
    I'm Sorry

    I know DM hasn't updated in far far to long but I'm currently at a point in my life where I just can't devote any time to writing right now. I work a 10 hour day to come home and help my daughter with her home work, make dinner than go to bed. I want to finish Dragon's Might, the story floats around in my head all day at work, but I just don't have the time these days to actually put words to

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  • 294 weeks
    I'm still here.

    Treat yourself to an awesome song that goes with the theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMGXq9_IQBQ.

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  • 296 weeks
    Writing for the public.

    I will be live streaming my "brilliant" writing process for any who wish to see it, this Friday night at around 10pm EST. I will post another blog shortly before the stream goes live with the URL for the live stream.

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  • 304 weeks
    Would you watch me do things?

    I'm contemplating streaming my writing of the next chapter. If even 1 person wants to see that I'll do it. I'll be writing the chapter regardless but I just want to give anyone who wants to see it happen the chance the get in on it.

    With love, MB.

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  • 305 weeks

    It just recently hit me that the shit I type might define a person I don't know. That idea terrifies me, My shit shouldn't sculpt a future artist. I want anyone who might view me as a launch point to be fully invested in their ideas. It doesn't matter where your launch pad comes from. As long as you have the courage to spring board off that base idea you can do anything.

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Next time on Dragon's Might Z · 5:23pm Jul 21st, 2015

Thought I'd try a little preview blog format to give everyone a clue into what might be going on in upcoming chapters.

Chapter Title: Tea with a Titan.

Twilight started to run to her late friends side when the entire area began to quake, a rumbling could be heard echoing from the large cave opening near by. Before anypony could react a massive figure emerged from the cave, anypony trying to catch a glimpse of the titan had to immediately shield their eyes. The hulking behemoth reflected the suns rays in an awe inspiring display of rainbow lights and glitter, it was like looking at a massive diamond. If having their visual senses assaulted wasn't enough, everypony in unison covered their ears as a booming voice echoed across the rocky mountain side.

"Svabol tir wux siofme wux re tirir shafaer sia verthicha?"

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