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From the Desk of The Pirate King's Facebook · 3:41pm Jul 21st, 2015

Ok, so I really don't like to make these political posts, especially on a major tragedy since that usually turns ugly, but guys, I don't understand. The Charleston Shooting happens and (rightfully so) we mourned. We put the news on remembering the victims, on praying for their families. We advocated changes to the situations that caused the situation. We cheered to took down a flag, symbolically tackling the ideal the shooter fought for. And yet now, after a shooter kills five U.S. service men and women, I barely see anything on here. Where's the outrage? Where's the concern? Where is the desire to comfort the grieving and discuss how we can make this right? Where is our outrage at the shooter and our call to tear down the things he believed in that motivated him? Fair is fair, guys. I agreed with the reverence we showed to the victims at Charleston and, even as a white guy from Georgia, was all in support of taking down the flag because the identifier of my culture shouldn't be a symbol of hatred used for a century and a half, but why are we not questioning anything in Chattanooga in the same way? I'm not saying we should make this into Christians v. Muslims either; Most Muslims I've are peaceful, friendly folks stereotyped by the minority (Almost like that other group we were talking about) and one my fraters and closest friends is a Muslim and the kindest guy I know. But why aren't we questioning this just as hard? I mean, for pity's sake, these are American Marines and Sailors we're talking about! Why hasn't ‪#‎MilitaryLivesMatter‬ exploded across Facebook yet? Just something I had to get off my chest. Sorry to get heavy on you all, I'll go put my soap box away now.

-Pirate King Fowler

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Comments ( 14 )

Damn straight man

If this is the country I'll be fighting for, then fuck it, I'm just going to move to a better country and join their military.

Philippines it is then.

Th people are friendly- and actually like Americans by and large-, it has beautiful coasts, its main languages are English and Spanish, both of which I know, and they serve up the rum by the pale. Even the good stuff there averages about $0.80 American!

Aye. A sailor's paradise.


I thought that was supposed to be Tahiti

Basically, yeah, for the same reasons. Also formerly Nassau, for the same reasons, until the damn tourists took it over.

Well I'll tell you right now, I'm scared for my life. I'm a fifteen year old African American man, people think that by now I should be on my way to jail. There have been three murders this summer so far, just in my city (I live in Gary, Indiana BTW). But honestly, guys like this and the man who shot up that church in NC are making me nervous. People in this country just don't care.

I know, and that terrifies me. The greatest death sentence for a nation is willful ignorance.

However, one cool story happened in my hometown in response. I live just outside one of the largest army bases in the world, so we of course have a decent sized recruiting center. And off duty army reservist, of his own free will and legally with his carry permit, guarded our local depot to, "protect his brothers and sisters."

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