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  • Wednesday
    Quick Update

    I did some edits to the latest chapter of Reflection of Nightmares

    In addition to mostly fixing Zecora's rhymes, I've also changed some dialogue a tad and added some author's notes. Anyway, thank you for reading!

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    Happy Two Hundred and Forty Fourth!

    ...Hopefully, we can last another six years. :scootangel:

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    Reflection Update

    In case anyone missed it, I have released a new chapter of Reflection of Nightmares and it can be found here.

    Comments are always appreciated. :twilightsheepish:

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    Are regular Ponies a Dying Thing?

    Hey everyone, been a while. I haven't complained or ranted about something in a while, so here goes:

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    That Moment

    When you suddenly realize you've been writing on this site for eight years...


    So, how you all doing? :ajsmug:

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Combining Stories · 12:39am Jul 21st, 2015

So, I was wondering if anyone ever tried combining two stories that they had written, but not published? I'm trying to do that right now and while it's not too much work, thanks to the plot, I feel like it could be a nightmare later down the road. Thoughts?

Report Cold Spike · 199 views · #Crossover
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Comments ( 11 )

I wondering what those stories were about.

I'm kinda doing that. One of my current stories here is a crossover with an unfinished novel of mine.

The best part of dream sequences is that you can do things like that.
All of the ideas that you've scrapped, or failed plot devices, or unfinished works can be freely used there.
I haven't put anything on fimfic yet, but I've used enough graphite and ink to know that that's how to do it.
Dreams are the gateways to other worldworlds just as much as books

Hmm, never done two whole stories. Bits and pieces, sure. :unsuresweetie:

3256054 :scootangel: pssst, they're about Scootaloo. And when I submit the story, you wont have to really wonder. I'm sure you can figure it out.

3256097 Do people know it's a crossover? Or you just salvaged one story?

3256381 While I'm sure that makes sense for some stories, you can't have have a full story be a dream sequence..

3256634 I mentioned it in passing. And who knows, maybe when I do finish it, it'll get big and people will be like, "Hold up, I know what that is!" It'll be interesting if it happens. Also, I don't use any of the characters from the novel, only the world, magic, and some tech.

3256644 I see, I hope your readers enjoy it!

True, but you can have it as a series of sequences, or a summarization, or abridged version of the story.

Yesterday was my birthday!:pinkiehappy:

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