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Valiant Charge

Why do we fight? To protect home and family, to preserve balance and bring harmony. The true question is not why we fight but rather "What is worth fighting for?"

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  • Today
    Back from the movies

    Overall, loved it!!

    a bit disappointed that I didn't see Jafar become a giant snake or Iago ranting about how he hates crackers.

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  • Saturday
    Off to see Aladdin


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  • 9 weeks
    Guess that movie

    I've already missed tea mister Albatross. Now don't force me to take drastic measures, you must relax.

    Relax? I have never been more relaxed in my life! IF I WERE ANY MORE RELAXED I'D BE DEAD!!!

    ....I'm not convinced.

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  • 9 weeks
    New Friendship Song

    I can see Spike, Discord and Big Mac singing this.

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  • 11 weeks
    The Final Season

    The end is near.

    It's been a good run, we laughed, we cried, we LIVED this series.

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Liberation Day · 10:31pm Jul 20th, 2015

Today marks the day when the armies of the United States liberated Guam from the Japanese but before that my people suffered greatly.

When the Japanese forces learned of the American armies advancing they began to massacre the Chamorro people. In one part of the island the soldiers took the villages strongest and tallest men out into an open field where they were shot down and in another they lead villagers into caves where they began to bombard them with grenades, those who survived were shot or stabbed with bayonets. My grandparents were one of the lucky ones to survive those dark days.

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