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Guess Who's Going to Bronycon? · 7:00pm Jul 20th, 2015

Report ObabScribbler · 409 views · #bronycon
Comments ( 13 )

Cool! While I won't be able to make it to Bronycon, I hope you have fun there! :twilightsmile:
I wish you all the best! :pinkiesmile:

Congratulations. Hope you have fun Scribbler

Majin Syeekoh

Yay! Me too!:pinkiehappy:

I will be there, too and I'm a huge fan! Not s creepy fan , though....just a nice , normal fan who would love to meet you. I'm so glad you're coming. Hope we get a chance to meet.

Oh, hi, again.
Just thought you might like to know that there is a dance, actually the Gala, during BronyCon. It would be great to meet you there and perhaps share a dance, if you would care to do so.

Olden Bronie

I look forward to hearing your British voice and thanking you for doing a reading of one of my fics in person.

I hope to get a chance to meet someone who's done such wonderful readings of a couple of my stories!

Yay scribbler is going to ponycon, if I were American I would be so hyped right now, but I am English and live in England yay, so maybe if I went to buckcon or ponycon uk I might be able to see you some time (I haven't gone to any cons or met any people I admire because I am damn introverted and alkward as poop) but yes I really should go to a pony con at some point. I am going to London comicon later this year though, totally cosplaying sweetie belle (but this is my first time at any con so I am pretty nervous) anyway I will end my life story of a comment now, have fun in America scribbler!

Words of advice to you Scribbler, when you go to Bronycon make sure wear really comfortable shoes and take water with you.
((i.e I've not been to Bronycon, BUT! I have been to the Anime Expo. If it's anything size wise like that, then you're going to need them.))

Besides that, I hope you have a really great time and have loads of fun!! :pinkiehappy:

I'll bring plenty of Mountain Dew to throw.

I looked, but didn't see you. Now I have to drink this Mountain Dew by myself.

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