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Aw, Crud... · 6:04am Jul 20th, 2015

...I caught the con plague. And after I'd talked up how much more hygienic TrotCon was compared to other conventions!

Still, I had a great time. I was less focused on the show staff and major panels this year — didn't even get autographs, though I regret not getting Steffan's. Instead, I got to hang out with some great people: Admiral Biscuit, Bad Horse, Present Perfect, ROBCakeran53, Trick Question, Zyrian, the guys from my meetup group, and some others whose names escape me at the moment (sorry!). To those who've started watching me, I hope you guys don't take it personally that I didn't reciprocate, but I don't use that feature for personal reasons. Doesn't mean I'm not interested in reading your stuff. In fact, I added one of Zyrian's fics earlier. Admiral Biscuit, I have no idea where to start, because you write too many horse words. Any recommendations?

I also learned and played a couple card games! I never do that, despite my brother's best efforts. Even had fun doing so, though I think CAH's ten-card hands are too big for optimal decision-making

ROB has fucking milk crates! So jealous

Bought more merch than I'd originally planned. Damn vendors, being all nice and guilting me into buying your wares. Even got a Sailor Jupiter button! Couldn't find any m/m art, though. They've got lesbians out the wazoo, but the closest I could find to coltcuddling was Braeburned's stuff. Bastards

Also, bronies (people in general, really) cannot grasp the simplest economic concepts. There's no "one price fits all", and fixed costs aren't relevant to price

I also got a new desk when I went home. One of the parts was missing some holes, so one drawer's still incomplete, and I managed to scrape it during assembly. I never want to use tools again

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Comments ( 4 )

Admiral Biscuit, I have no idea where to start, because you write too many horse words. Any recommendations?

What type of story are you looking for? I kinda do a little bit of everything, and a lot of HiE and SoL.

I'll read pretty much anything. I just try to focus on higher quality stories, so most of what I read comes from OMPR or the RCL. Is there a story you're especially proud of, or which got better reviews than others?

EDIT: Oh, and short's definitely a plus. I don't have as much free-time as I'd like, and I've got a lot of catching up to do after being without Internet this weekend

First, sorry about no links; I'm on my cell and the UI kinda sucks....

So I'll give you a short list and let you decide which best fits your mood.

Playing in the Park
A Sleeping Rose
Here I Am
The Many Faces of a Showpony
Mares of Diomedes (Grimdark as fuck)

Danke sehr! Those look like they'll be good

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